Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Curtain Cat Call

What do you people want from me?  Want me to talk about politics?  To talk about Trump?  He is who he is, meet him once, many years ago, was having lunch in a place in NY City with my employer, her knew Donald.  Donald came over, I was introduced, we did not speak though.  Donald talked to my employer.  His Manor of speech that he uses is for the common folk, it endears him to his perception of his core constitutes.  That day he was loud and obnoxious to the waitress, but articulate and relatively intellectual to my employer, so take from that what you will.  He is not quite our worst president, definitely not a good leader, but he only wanted to run and win, he did not know what it takes to be an insider.

The Republicans tried to get rid of Obama for eight years, so I guess it is only fair that the Democrats will try to get rid of Trump for four years.  I do not think he has the staying power.  So it is unlikely he will be around much longer, but we will get past this, and most likely whoever gets in afterwards will spend the next four years trying to repair the damage.  Politics is a ruthless game with few winners, and a lot of losers.  I considered a political career for a brief moment.  I came to my senses when the John Birch society tried to co-op me for their cause.

Global politics is even more corrupt, and far too complex to address in a short blog post, so I will leave that for another day.

So is that what you want?  Maybe you want financial opinion, hmm?  Well to be perfectly honest with you, I have been out of the loop for the most part on the financial scene.  In fact I have been out of the scene no matter what you are talking about.  When I decided to become a regular guy, well that meant pulling out of the scenes.  I no longer went to art openings, I no longer hung out with local politicians, or college professors (pretty much the same thing).  I no longer hung out with the press, or editors of newspapers.  I did not go to parties with my friends, I gave up my retainers on lawyers, and I stopped making connections with business people.

That used to be my life.  That used to be who I was.  Though I was never a social person, I made connections with owners of bars and taverns, with people who had influence in places and politics.  I used my connections, and I had my circle of friends who I could hang out with who would help me drink away my stress.  I used to write poetry, and short stories, some of which I actually had published in lesser known rags.

I used to read the pink sheets, and bet on the penny stocks, and sometimes I even bet on the exchange, but mostly I just watched the markets and gave away my advice.  I tried to start a few small businesses, but they were a little ahead of their time, so my timing was off there.

Then I lost.  I went down in flames, and I left it all to burn behind me.  I lost who I considered my daughter, I lost my will to desire, and I tried to find the emptiness that was loss.  Then I was found, by a goddess who was in as much trouble as I was.  A match made more in darkness than in light, we still are together, but deep in shadow.

So what do you want from me, I poured out my life to you, what more do you want?

I will sacrifice myself to your pleasure, but please just tell me what do I have to do to be in the good graces again, so I can at least live a simple life without the hounds on me for a couple of years before I completely bow out of this good night.