Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Blogging for Bloggers

After nearly two weeks of frustration, I have realized one thing, building a blog on WordPress is not as easy as the YouTubers make it out to be.  It is pretty simple to set up, with one click install and all.  Setting up security, it is a little more difficult, but with a few plugins that is not too bad.  Then a few more plugins and you can have a fairly interesting site in a fairly short amount of time.  Just add content and you are all set.

Add an ecommerce plugin like woocommerce and you have a decent site for your blog I guess.

The truth is to do this, you need more than just a domain name, a web server, a CMS application, and an ecommerce solution.  Maybe I am wrong, most likely I am wrong.

Let me give you a little background.  I started out with technology pretty much when it started.  I built my first computer from a kit.  I had to learn programming because there really wasn't any applications.  Some friends and me built applications, and just for fun we did some hacking.

I was a field service tech for quite some years, providing network service and basically fixing computers all around the Northeast.  This is one of the reasons I just do not buy into the ai thing.  I have seen the network and hardware from the field, and have used applications from the beginning of their existence.  All that aside, and without going into too much detail, I have a fair idea about technology.

I used to build websites, with html, before css even existed.  Then I used css when it first came into being from W3C.  I learned Java, JavaScript, the Dom, and the list goes on.  At one time I could paper my bedroom with the certifications I held.  All that means nothing today.  I remember when Dreamweaver came out, and I still preferred hand coding.  With the plugin and visual composers, I am totally at a loss.

So I have embarked on this journey, and right now I am starting all over again.  Believe when I say, I would rather hand code, but that is not the way these days.  So let me tell you, right now, I do not think much about WordPress, it is not high my list, but it is a priority.  I am struggling with it, but I am learning, albeit I am my own worst problem.  As I try to get out of my way, we will see how it goes.

Here's the point, what the WordPress gurus tell you, what the blog gurus tell you is total bullshit.  They are trying to sell you in their courses, their products, and hoping you will click on their affiliate links.  Does that mean they have nothing to teach you, no you can learn from them, and to be perfectly honest with you, follow them and you are going to build a great site.  You just will not know how or why.  For lots of people that is fine, but for me that just does not work.