Thursday, March 01, 2018

The Real Secret, really

Apathy is a circumstance that often seems the choice that makes some sense.  Why should I give a shit about anything at all?  It is not like it will make any difference.

I once thought that I could make a difference.  I once believed that your actions mattered.  That you could effect change through deeds and even to some degree words and pictures.  I now know that it was a false hope that I harbored, and that because I did not have connections to the right groups, to the money chain, that I was just fooling myself.

Sort of how I once thought this blog was an answer to something.  That what I wrote here mattered at least to someone.  I now know that is not the case.  I now realize that nothing matters, except where money is made.  There are no causes, only more subversive means to an end.  If it does not sell something, if there is no money to be made, it is a waste of time.

That is why the gun issue is so hot.  It makes lots of money, no matter what side of the issue you profess you are on, it makes lots of money.  The "anti-gunners" raise millions in donations from well meaning idiots who think that if they can just get all the guns from people violence will somehow go away.  The "pro-gunners" believe that they can protect themselves from radical anti-gunner type liberals by maintaining their right to gear arms.  The whole issue is a money pit and the same people make money on both sides.  Fucking idiots are just too dam dumb to see that.

War on Drugs, works about as well as Prohibition did, only the people who support it, and the people who oppose it are not aware of the flow of cash, so they just go on with their stump speech, ignorant of the money that is being made on them.

Right up there with religion.  Let me tell you about this guy that may or may not have existed some 4000 years ago, and as long as you believe in him, you will be rewarded in death.  Of course we have never had any complaints, because the dead do not complain.  No better scam has ever been created, at least not one that I can think of right at the moment.  Give me time, there are so many.

Politics, another scam, because I need some fat bastard to tell me how to behave.  Because I need to support his lifestyle so he can make laws that make him and his corporate friends more money.  When will the ignorance end?  Now that I know the answer to, but I will just keep that to myself, so sense in giving the "secret" away.

If you really want to know the secret.  I mean if you really, really need to know the answer, I can provide it to you.  Just send $24.95 to my PayPal account and I guarantee that you will get exactly what you seek.


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