Friday, March 09, 2018

Amazon Merch, Maybe

Well I signed up for my Amazon Merch account, and everything seemed to be going great.  I had to get an online savings account, because apparently Amazon will take PayPal as a form of payment (well only my debit card), but they will not pay out to a PayPal account.  So after about a week of faffing around with the bank, I finally got the account set up.

Now my account is all set up with Amazon, not with PayPal yet, as the deposits haven't hit the bank account so I can make the deposits to PayPal, or some such nonsense.  This is all such BS, so much faffing around when I know there is no such thing as security, and the rest is all red tape crap for the government.  Anyway, the accounts are set up and I thought I was on my way.  Thought I would have a T-shirt to present to my readers, just a basic T-shirt with blog title on it, something to get the ball rolling.

Nope, not yet, now Amazon is holding my T-shirt hostage for some unknown reason.  More delays, more faffing around.  I really do not get it.  They get most of the money for the sale.  Hell I only get less than a dollar for each T-shirt sold, so why are they holding the whole thing up.

So yea, here was the plan, I was going to post the shirt and a coffee cup here, let people buy them and help out the blog and get something in return.  I was going to pull some of the good stuff out of the blog and put that up, and see what would come of it.  It seemed to me to be the best way to do things.  This way the people who help support the blog get something in return, and I get a small amount of money (really small) for putting stuff on a shirt for the readers.

Already a week into this little foray and I have just about had enough.  I am going to give Amazon another day to release my T-shirt, and if they do not, well I am done with that too.  I know it sounds like I am giving up too easily, but really why all the BS over something so simple.  Whatever, I will report back tomorrow one way or the other.


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