Wednesday, February 14, 2018

What You Need to Know About Alice in Wonderland DOCUMENTARY

This video intrigues me, as all things concerning Lewis Carroll and his Alice stories.  I have said many times before that there is more truth in "Alice's Adventures Through Wonderland" than in most other books written, including the bible.  I have wondered about this, and even with my extensive study of other works, fiction and non-fiction, it has yet to be displaced.  What fortunate accident occurred to project this through his work is yet undiscovered, and even with this film (and others like it) only part of the truth is known.

It is my belief that Lewis Carroll had some connection to the divine, or spirit world, but I do not know how that is.  Perhaps it is only through the eyes of a child.  Perhaps he himself was as a child, as the eastern beliefs profess, as to be a child, as to be without judgement, and full of wonder.

I do not know, but perhaps one day I will.  Though I sometimes believe I am far too cynical now to have the eyes of a child ever again.



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