Friday, February 02, 2018

Video Stream Success... sort of

I was actually able to make a video stream, on Hangout OnAir, and it worked, sort of.  The audio quality is pretty bad, and the video quality is not that great, but I was able to do it.  It is not available on my channel, because it is not ready for primetime yet.

Next I will try to make a video using OBS, and will see how that goes, but not today.  I need to check my Twitch settings, and see what I can do to improve the audio quality.  I do not expect that I will be doing many videos in the near future, but as I work through the process I am learning to do them, and perhaps in a while I will begin broadcasting them both on Twitch (live) and on Youtube (condensed versions).

As I get this down I will be able to set up Arleta's channel and using the Nikon or her phone (most likely the phone) will be able to make videos for her as well.  These will likely be the more popular videos as she is not only doing things that are interesting, but she is also much more social than I am.

Yes I have all the popular social sites, but I really only check on Twitter once in a while, and G+ here and there.  My Twitter repost everything to Facebook for me, otherwise I almost never check Facebook, as it is just too much crap.  Yes I am on Steam as well, but again I do not do the social thing very much, so I would not look for me there either.

I have been playing this game called Minetest, which is an open source voxel sandbox, like Minecraft, but not the same.  I would still like to get Minecraft, and I have made a channel on Youtube just for that.  If someone does gift me Minecraft now that I know how to stream, I will stream the raw video on Twitch and upload the edited versions to Youtube on my Mine Salad Surgery channel.

So there you go, two blog post in one day, what is going on with me, am I getting social like, no not likely.


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