Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The End of SketchUp for me

I gave it a shot, but the new online version of SketchUp just sucks.  Sure maybe it is my network, but I can not change that.  So I am back to using the 2017 version of SketchUp which still works just fine.  Of course now I can not get updates to my extensions, or the program, but at least it works.  The unfortunate thing is that unless I go to the Professional version of SketchUp, I will not be able to use it after some time, as it will be degraded.

Now I have to look for an alternative to SketchUp, that does not cost over a $1,000.00, which is hard to find.  I liked SketchUp, I liked that it was free to use for personal use, but I guess that was not okay with Google, for they have effectively said either you use this crap version on line that is almost impossible to use (I do more waiting for it to update the model than actual work), or you pay us our $1,000.00 for the Professional version.  A little like extorsion, almost, but not quite.  Certainly not what I would like to see from Google, but nothing I do not expect from a software company.

There will be other programs, but that means new learning curve, and I have invested so much into SketchUp.  For the most part I am just disappointed really.  It has been fun, thank you for the ride.  All I can ask is when will you force us to either pay for GMail or use some neutered online only version.


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