Monday, December 18, 2017

Win10 Update, A Lose

All I have to say is that this latest update from Microsoft had better have some decent benefits, and not just be some type of graphic update, because it's now three hours in and it is still at about 15%, give or take a bit.

I started at 8 am this morning, it is now almost 10:30 am as I write this, and it is still working on updates.

Let us pray, as we always must with anything Microsoft releases that it is better for the anguish, aggravation, and just plain ridiculous time it takes, that it is at least worth it.

Though I don't see how it could be.  Hope is, that three hours can be given back to me, while I look at the computer, and am not able to use it.  Sad that I have to have two computers and an Android tablet, because at least one of them will be incapacitated by the OS at some point.

AI, please don't make me laugh, not if it is run on the current crop of crap that the tech companies are touting, it will be stuck in updates or some other such nonsense, because as long as humans are still involved in the process it will continue to fail.

Well, again I hope for the best, but I have learned long ago not to expect to much from Microsoft.  In fact, the less you expect, the lower your expectations, the more likely you will be satisfied with it's performance.  How sad that you must expect the lowest possible denominator for it to deliver even moderate satisfaction.

Does anyone remember when it was about quality over quantity, when companies strived to provide the most value for the customer.  Now it is all about the consumer, not customer.  The customers are the stock holders.

Ah but I digress, and no one really gives a shit anymore, or these half-assed attempts that companies provide the consumer with would sit on shelves and in warehouses, and we would be buying based on quality of craftsmanship, rather than lowest cost to value ratios.

Enough ranting, and yet, windows is still working, and since I started this little diatribe, it has only progressed to 23%, how impressive, at this rate it will still be configuring and installing updates at least until late tonight, perhaps it will be completed by tomorrow.