Monday, October 30, 2017

Playlist Lose (Smart BS)

I just looked up the process of making a playlist, on any service provider, and while most of them have different processes, they all fail.  Why do they all fail?  Because they all claim some sort of benefit to their playlist, and since I have to do the work of selecting songs (YouTube, being the exception), to fill the playlist, they all fail.  Five years ago I would have been like okay, but I have spent the last five years listening to music almost exclusively online, and yet I still have to tell them how to make a playlist of my preferred music.

These providers can deliver targeted advertising to me browser based on what I search for, videos I watch, music I listen to, etc., But they can not somehow manage to compile a playlist of twenty songs I frequently listen to.  That in my book is a complete fail.  If you can not use all that data you collect on my online presence for anything other than your own benefit, and claim it is for my benefit, yet it does nothing for me, them that is a complete fail.  After five years I'd should have targeted search results, better advertising, and better playlist already generated and trollied to my moods.  Sure if I want to build my own playlist they should be an option, but I should have some Auto ones waiting for those times when I just want to listen to all the same songs I listen to all the time anyway.  Do not tell me about your smart devices and intelligent algorithms, when the only benefit is your bottom line.  To me that is pure bullshit, nothing more, and until something changes, that is all it ever will be.