Thursday, October 26, 2017

Amazon Win

Amazon has won, in the battle for my home, between Google and Amazon, the release of the Amazon security camera that controls my lock wins.  Especially for such things as for services.  That I do not need to worry about my home and Amazon will take care of it, that is awesome.  By installing the Amazon security camera they take on the liability for anything that happens to my home.  Sweet, now I can trust Amazon to protect my home.  Even if they do not protect my home, they are liable for it once they take on that contract.

A win for Amazon, now to see what the volley will be from Google.  This is turning into quite the fun competition.  Another year from now when I start the build of my home, maybe the winner will be declared.


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

I Right Sea

I'm reading, thinking, doing, watching, all this I stop, and I write, scratch symbols into life.  Not this, as digital simulation is not the same.  It is not real, just virtual, it holds no power.

I write, on the page, with ink like blood it flows into indentations made by my chisel.  It is sacrifice, the giving of one's breath to the symbols, each one etched into linen or wood or stone.  To be transferred, read, by unseen energy into the universe, or sung by voices unheard.

A line, a dot, a pictograph, a hieroglyph, a cuneiform, letters as we call them, words we give them names, but who are we to know the language of the universe, the sounds we hear but know not their meaning, as foreign to our deaf ears as the call of the lioness, or the sparrow, or the hiss of the snake.

You cannot breathe these digital points of light.  You cannot drink its electric impulses, though you feel them in your empty brains.  Hear the echo of its signature as it dances across the phosphorus stage, emitting light but not life, empty sounds you hear but cannot realize the damage that it causes with its hollow hum of radiation.

I write right, breathing life into symbols that hold sacrifice in their creation.  I listen for her voice, barely audible above the din of commerce, it is there in the wind.  I breath her perfume of death and life, her decay and rebirth, and I taste the shape of her existence.  Beneath the corse cover of busy workers being busy, I see the truth, and it is simple beautiful.


Let go

Be not




Monday, October 23, 2017

Mobile Trade-off

I do not understand human behavior.  I probably have said this many times before, but it still boggles my mind.

Texting behavior, or the use of a mobile phone at all is just strange to me.  How did the human race exist before mobile phones anyway?  Immediacy has increased, but intimacy has decreased, not sure if the trade-off was worth it.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Hearts and Spades

There is a point at which one must take apart what one believes to be in order to fully embrace a new paradigm.  This destruction is the creation potential that comes from losing old stuff for new stuff.  Not that everything new is better, our that everything old is useless, but that stagnation is a slow but inevitable death, maybe.

I say maybe because we do not know the value of such potential.  We are not aware of anything that would be remotely like stagnation.  Though it is true we have not progressed much socially, still squabbling over grains of sand, living in caves, that sort of thing, we have technically advanced, perhaps faster than we should have.

We now call our technology smart, it is not!  It has a long way to go before it is smart.  Smart is something we continue to struggle with, how is it possible we could create technology that is smarter than ourselves.  Even the brightest of our people fall short of creating anything that could be considered truly revolutionary.  We are still at the destroy everything stage.  When we learn to use our creative energy to uplift our world, that will be a truly innovative progression.

Still I'm not above liking gadgets and shiny things.  You could take all of them away and I would not miss them all that much.  If I lose everything else and still have my wife and my dogs, I will survive, I will thrive, because I have not forgotten what matters most.  Have you?