Saturday, October 21, 2017

I just Can't Think Right Now

I wonder what you are at, asking me if I'm thin.  Man you listen to this girl, and she has flowers to sell, keep them memories from regressing.  I can't hear your blues, your horns are mellow, and my eyes are green.  So I'm just a jack of no trades pushing my dreams into the wild blue, you can't find me no more.  So I get stuck, can't feel you no more, though you are right beside me.

What happened to Peter, Paul and Mary, someone might ask some day, but for now they are just a joke told by conservatives in dark rooms listening secretly to Bob Dylan.  Arlo where did you go, we miss your insight, but that was oh so long ago, I don't remember any of those songs.

Hey man, are you sure you want to keep at this, I just can't think, my head hurts and I have nothing to soothe these stones in my passway.