Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Sometimes even the best intentions of bleeding hearts, and the worst intentions of zealous conservative fanatics can have equal and and opposite reactions.  If computer programming ever taught me anything, it is there is no such thing as random generation, at some point a pattern always emerges.  The anomalies are the norm, and even if you test, there is something that you didn't see the first hundred times.

Humans are fraught with intention.  They can not help themselves.  They are not only filled with the thought of intention, but they feel compelled to express that intention, even if they are incapable of completing it.  Those that do find invariably that all too often the side effect of their well planned intentions go sideways when they least expect it.  They do not always realize that their intentions might not be in their best interest.  Or in the best interest of some others.  If there were some force that could balance that nature of humans, but the duplicity of nature is such that they, the humans are at odds even with their most obvious of observations.  When we discover that, the rest will be as child's play.

Yet do not underestimate the power of intention.  Provided the right sort of environment and it can grow beyond the bounds of our limits of imagination.  I respect that, however misguided it may be.