Saturday, May 20, 2017

Almond Milk and Other Such Myths

Most people drink almond milk for one of two reasons.  One being that it is healthier than cows milk, or the second because they are lactose intolerant.  Both of these reasons are as mythical as unicorns.  There is another reason, but this one is so irrational I won't even give it a mention.  Peta is full of well intended idiots.

Lactose intolerance is a medical myth, even the medical professionals know this, though they would not admit it, as the money they earn from pharmaceutical companies would be vastly diminished if they actually practiced good doctoring rather than modern medicine.  Still many people believe this and so therefore many people are lactose intolerant.  Given half a chance and more people would be intolerant of real food and only able to eat synthetic food, and maybe we are going that way.

Funny that such issues came about after they already had alternatives for them.  Like diseases they concoct after they have developed the treatment for it.  Five thousand years of human evolution, and in the last two hundred we suddenly can't eat our usual diet.  But the chemical, agriculture, pharmaceutical industries, all of which are related, and tired to the military industrial complex, have solutions to our issues with diet, and judging from the results I would say they are right on track for increasing profits.

The second reason, or first maybe, whatever, that it is healthier than cows milk is as much a lie as the other, they are related to the same marketing scheme.  Not that it is actually unhealthy, but that it is as, or more healthy than cows milk creates an image that cows milk is unhealthy.  Like the tea-totalled movement in Brittan, the removal of beer from the diet of workers was not the healthiest option.  Still these self-absorbed, self-righteous ignorant dunces still go on banging their drums because they have to win.  This is a problem that is of a different sort, but it is related.  There is no win win, there is only win lose, and some people just can not handle loss.  I cannot go into that psychological cluster fuck with a good treatment at this time, but maybe soon I will tackle the psychosis of psychology (pretty catchy book title right there).

Well anyway there is no real science behind this marketing blitz, just profit, and will it is easier to manufacture soy milk or almond milk, or better still to synthesize such products on a mass scale (economies of scale) than to try to clone milk cows.  Not that modern science had not considered the alternative.

I am not trying to state that change is bad, just that the rationale for the change is not what it is reported to be.  How does that matter?  Well if it does not, why the hell you reading this in the first place?  Change for all the right reasons, because you prefer the one thing over the other.  Never change because the carton is nicer looking, and the woman in the ad is better looking than you or your friends.  Start or stop doing things not because they are bad for your health, let me tell you, the health people do not care about your health, they just the health of your birth certificate, do it because it is what feels right.  If you can not feel it, if you do not trust your feelings, get right with that, everything else will fall into place.  Hey if you do not live to hundred and six, at least you maybe enjoyed the ride.  No one, no one, lives forever, at least not serfs and not even the gentry, and the few that do live ridiculously long lives, it is not because they did this, or did not do that, it is because they lived their lives​ free of worry, and that my friends is the key.