Sunday, April 09, 2017

Politics of BS

Being a rather well informed bs artist myself, I think I know a bit about it.  Though to be truthful the politicians have it over me in tonnage.  It ain't just US politics either, the whole global Gambit is wriethe​ with political bullshit. As if religion were not enough bs, the dumb bastards had to concoct yet another layer of bs, and they call it government.  Just another way for elitist bastards to weild their supposed right to rule over the deserving peasantry.

In some ways they have the right, because in general the peasants are just that, bumbling idiots willing to follow whatever authority seems to hold their limited interest.  Perhaps that is why they developed so many layers.  As they say you can't fool all of the people all of the time.  That it's unless you create so much distraction that they have no time to focus on one thing or the other.  Give the people their blood and circuses and they will remain mostly docile to your rule.  Unfortunate, but mostly true.

There will always be people like me who just don't buy it.  When we are known they will find their way to us, to either convert us or eliminate us.  This sounds like a paranoid belief, but too much evidence exist.  Still I don't worry, no one pays me any attention any ways so I am relatively safe for now.  If I thought otherwise I would do otherwise, to ensure the safety of those I do care about.

Here I sit in the middle of no where, waiting, wondering, where to begin, and I know it doesn't matter, because no one is listening.  So I just disconnect, let it be, for the people get the oppression they accept, and I can do nothing for them but sigh.