Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Real Internet Radio

So radio is dead.  Bad enough what video did to music, but the internet has completely killed radio.  I mean sure it is still out there, programmed stations running the same crap so advertisers can attempt to influence the captive audience.  Don't get me wrong, even the internet has advertisers, but for the most part they are easier to tune out, most of the time.

What I want is real radio on the web.  I want a computer DJ who plays a huge verity of music all day everyday, someone like Lazo.  I do not want it to sound like a computer, but I don't want a human DJ either.

Computer vocalization is pretty horrible.  It is not too bad for things like mapping software, or search, but otherwise it pretty much sucks.  Computers do not get inflection apparently.  Hell I know a lot of people that do not grasp that concept, so not surprising when computers get it wrong.  They are after all our creations.

Perhaps Alexa or Google Now will evilly get it.  Maybe if they listened to a few million clips of Wolfman Jack, or Lazo, maybe then.  The truth is computers do not learn from experience, so that is worthless.  Still if those data files were available to them perhaps they could use them like samples.  One thing a computer can do well is sample a sounds file and work it through algorithms to produce something else.  If we humans do not give them the data and the programming they can not do anything.  AI has a long way to go, and maybe that is a good thing.

Just the same, wouldn't it be cool if Spotify had a DJ.  You know it would be.


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