Thursday, December 28, 2017

Tesla Buy and Hold

I was reading about Elon Musk and his latest tweet about his plans to make a pick-up truck.  While I think this is a great thought, I do not know if it really is the best place to focus.  The PU truck owner is usually about HP and loudness.  While this would be a good platform, if it were built as a platform, it could be used for other vehicles as well.  It would need to be at least 1 ton, and would have to have all wheel drive (4 wheel drive is the past).  It would be difficult with dual rear wheels to have all wheel steering, but that leads me to another line of thought.

All cars made today should be not only all wheel drive, but should also be all wheel steering.  Vehicles like Tesla make are especially well suited to such things as they are built on the platform style of building.  Such as the case, it should not be hard to develop an all wheel steering system that would work with all wheel drive.  The model S is a good example.  Using the Model S platform, several versions could be built, including duty cars (those used by security forces, or fleet vehicles for services like taxi or Uber), and business class limos and such.  He really needs to consider third party collaborations so that he can expand on his current line of cars without setting up whole new lines.

I think it is great that he is getting into commercial vehicles (pick-ups are quasi commercial vehicles), but he needs to build a platform truck, one that can be modified to suit many different needs.  I believe his ranges will continue to expand, and that will be great, and help a lot.  With the addition of fast charging stations, and more and more innovations in the battery technology, Tesla is poised to be a good buy for the foreseeable future, but only as a buy and hold.  I think Tesla represents a long term commitment, as even if Elon Musk fails to deliver, at some point his company will be a buyout for another company, maybe even Alphabet.

He is also involved in power production, at least on the small to medium scale, and at place.  That he does not have exactly a local power production solution is only a matter of scale.  Farms produce a lot of power now, and will be producing more power in the future as they try to leverage their interest and gain more income streams.  I still think that farms will become important parts to the power generation equation.  If he can continue to develop in that area, he will be poised to take advantage of that stream as well.  As farm as farm use vehicles, I do not know that he will compete in this area, it is highly competitive, and several suppliers are already working in that stream.

Elon Musk does not play well with others, and to some extent that limits him in capacity, but ensures the customer that you have a single point to find solutions to issues with.  If he were to collaborate with a company like Alphabet, or even one such as MB, but few of them other than Alphabet have the resources, and the diversity that Tesla has, so that really is the only good match.  It remains to be seen, but I could easily see Tesla as a buyout option for Alphabet in five or six years, as long as he continues to work on innovation, and produces just enough product to keep the company alive for the time being.

Overall, Tesla is a buy and hold for the next few years.  A process of slow accumulation of shares could ensure that if they are bought out, the holder will get a good position on the stock split when it does sell.

Anyway that is my thoughts on Tesla, for now.  I am not a financial advisor and all that crap, so if you lose money that is your problem.


Cold Bitch

All sorts of things have come to mind this week.  I do not even know where to begin.  First a debate on a video I watched.  It goes to a core problem I have with people using the argument of Mac vs PC.  I do not know why it bothers me so much but it does.  It is Mac vs Windows!  Both Macintosh and Windows OS are run on Personal Computers (PCs).  Apple has only attempted servers and other than personal computers a few times, all of which never went anywhere.  Even smart phones are PCs, usually running iOS or Android OS, but still they are PCs, albeit very small ones, they are still PCs and not phones.  Smart phones are small PCs, not phones, but they do have cellular phone capabilities, so in that respect they are like a phone.  Telephones are a specific device designed to conduct voice data over distances through analog connections.  They are based on the same technology that was used for telegraph systems, hence the name telephone.  Once you get into digital telephone, voip, or anything else, it is no longer a telephone, but a computer designed to transmit data across the network, using one of the various types of protocols that are used for such data, like SiPP.  This is akin to calling e-mail the same as postal mail, though they sort of serve the same market they are not the same service.

Enough about that, lets talk about cold.  It is ridiculously cold here right now.  Now I say this, as I write this, as I am trying my best to stay warm.  If I had a nice cozy cabin with a nice fire burning in the fireplace, I would not care if it were cold outside.  Trying to stay warm in the RV is difficult, but it is not quite ready to move south, so here we are, in the winter of our discontent (sort of).  I need to buy a bunch of stuff to get the RV in shape for winter and to get it going.  I have all this stuff I need to sell, and I can not quite get it going.  Once I can get the lights for the camera, so I can start selling things, and then start dumping the money into private label, we should be in better shape to get things done.

That leads me to another area I have been looking into, Private Labeling products.  Some years ago Arleta and I made personal care products (soap, lotion, etc.) and back then had we had the cash infusion to make it go, we could have made a go of it.  Now that is not possible.  However during that time I made several contacts with companies I feel confident with who have also shifted to offering private labeling.  If I can put together the same formula as we used, with the same suppliers, but through a private labeling provider, we can still produce a high quality product at a reasonable cost that we can sell online and make a decent profit.  I do not expect that this will be our only income, but that it will provide a decent low maintenance passive income that we can rely on for most of our base expenses.  We will obviously need other income streams to have enough income to pay for things such as health care and discretionary items.

I am still going to publish some books, but currently my time is taken up with so many other things, that if I expect to sleep at all, I have to put the books on the back burner again.

Speaking of expenses, the cost of living has gone up a lot recently.  We used to figure if we could just earn about $45,000.00 per year we could get by.  This is not true today.  Just for basic expenses, like food, fuel, heat, housing, health care, vehicles, and such, not even accounting for such luxuries as internet and cell-phone service, we would need to earn a minimum of $65,000.00 per year.  To live a comfortable life, with a little left over for going out once or twice a year, and maybe buying the grandchildren a gift here and there, we would need to at least bring in $85,000.00 per year.  Sad that we nearly need a six figure income to live like a lower middle class citizen.  Perhaps it is because we live in NY State, but I have traveled around enough, and done enough research, that even in the lower cost of living states (like TN), there are enough cost that it is not easily done even with such concessions.

When I read back through this it just sounds like I am whining about my life.  I am not really, I am relatively happy with my life, cold but happy.  A lot of people are a lot worse off than we are, and I feel some sympathy for them.  Though truth be told, with the online services we have in this country, and with the service industry that exist today, most of this is an excuse.  I could work, but my wife is on disability.  She needs me to help her with her care.  So I do that, willingly and without complaint.  I could work, but she would lose her SSI and her health insurance.  For every dollar I make the SSA takes $0.50 from her SSI benefit.  Okay, I am okay with that, it is not like the few dollars they pay us is hard to make up.  I could work part-time at a McDonald's and earn nearly the same dollar amount.  I certainly could work from home as a customer call rep, or a technical rep and make even more.  Unfortunately it is not enough to make up for the health care that we get through the government.  For that I will need to earn at least $4,500.00 per month.  To do that I will need to work full time, which means I would need to hire someone to take care of my wife while I am working.  This means I would need to earn even more.  Give or take a few dollars, I would need to earn at least $6,500.00 a month to make up for our expenses and have enough to pay for additional help I would need to hire to help my wife with her disability.  The PL thing will gross us about $3,000.00 a month according to my base calculations.  This is about half our expenses, and would not cover the health insurance.  Still it is a start, and maybe with the combination of my books, and the PL program, we can get close to that figure.

Some people make enough off their blog, I make nothing on mine, nor do I suspect that will change anytime soon.  Like this post, my blog is raw, it is not focused, and it is for me, not for the audience.  The bloggers out there would tell me that is the wrong way, and it can not be monetized.  I do not care about that, really.  It might be nice if I could at least pay for my internet through something like a blog, but that I can not does not mean I will stop writing one.  Yes this post is mostly bitching, and yes it is very personal, so if that bothers you do not read it.

Well I have bitched enough I guess for one day, maybe more, so I will get on with other things.


Monday, December 18, 2017

Win10 Update, A Lose

All I have to say is that this latest update from Microsoft had better have some decent benefits, and not just be some type of graphic update, because it's now three hours in and it is still at about 15%, give or take a bit.

I started at 8 am this morning, it is now almost 10:30 am as I write this, and it is still working on updates.

Let us pray, as we always must with anything Microsoft releases that it is better for the anguish, aggravation, and just plain ridiculous time it takes, that it is at least worth it.

Though I don't see how it could be.  Hope is, that three hours can be given back to me, while I look at the computer, and am not able to use it.  Sad that I have to have two computers and an Android tablet, because at least one of them will be incapacitated by the OS at some point.

AI, please don't make me laugh, not if it is run on the current crop of crap that the tech companies are touting, it will be stuck in updates or some other such nonsense, because as long as humans are still involved in the process it will continue to fail.

Well, again I hope for the best, but I have learned long ago not to expect to much from Microsoft.  In fact, the less you expect, the lower your expectations, the more likely you will be satisfied with it's performance.  How sad that you must expect the lowest possible denominator for it to deliver even moderate satisfaction.

Does anyone remember when it was about quality over quantity, when companies strived to provide the most value for the customer.  Now it is all about the consumer, not customer.  The customers are the stock holders.

Ah but I digress, and no one really gives a shit anymore, or these half-assed attempts that companies provide the consumer with would sit on shelves and in warehouses, and we would be buying based on quality of craftsmanship, rather than lowest cost to value ratios.

Enough ranting, and yet, windows is still working, and since I started this little diatribe, it has only progressed to 23%, how impressive, at this rate it will still be configuring and installing updates at least until late tonight, perhaps it will be completed by tomorrow.


Thursday, December 07, 2017

Working Title

I am still working on a few things, one of which is a personal brand.  I already have a brand, Doud Dairy Farm, that is tied too closely to me to really easily leverage.  At some point I would like to purchase a dairy operation and attach the brand, but that is where I am with that right now.

I've got a couple of private label ideas I am working through, just to start them, will obviously cost quite a bit, but they are still in the discovery stage.

Then there is my personal brand.  Besides publishing a few books, I want to get back into photography (digital this time), with an angle towards stock and product photography.  I also would like to publish a few non-fiction books.  I am working on a cookbook, I guess as a way to also highlight my photography and my belief in simple foods.  I would like to publish a book of my cabin designs, I have four of them already, but I think I need at least ten to make the book worthwhile.

The fiction books are much harder to complete than I anticipated, or I am being to critical of my work.  One thing about working in a vacuum is that you do not get a lot of feedback.  I know I have trust issues, and that is part of why I do not seek outside assistance.  There are a couple people I could trust, but can I trust them to be critical enough, that is my other issue.

I tried to find an agent, but after six months of looking, I decided that self publication was more my style.  With services like Kindle publishing and Create Space (among others), it is much easier to be self published, but much harder to be sure your work is of good quality, and edited properly, as for now I am my own editor, cover artist (that should be good for a laugh), and my own PR manager.  I know I just got to get the books out there, but it is difficult because I keep finding problems, and I do not know if they exist for everyone or just for me.

I have read a lot of work and most of it I would say in the last five or so years is not anything that will have the longevity of Dickens or Tolkien, but they are several who at least will have some success in their lifetime.

By now everyone is thinking I am getting my excuses in early, and maybe I am, as I often wonder if I will ever commit to actually publishing my work.  Then I think if I do not some one will after I'm gone, and they will likely not be as generous with the proceeds as I might be.

Well I've gone on wallowing in my own self pity long enough, time to move on, and let the daylight come to wash away my tears.


Thursday, November 30, 2017

GMW 11-30-17

Good morning world, if it is morning where you are at.  I have fed the puppies, so I could go back to sleep, but I thought I would irritate you all for a bit.

I want to talk about a little heater.  The Mr Heater Little Buddy propane radiant heater.  This is a great little propane heater, unless it gets real cold.  Even then it still tries, it just does not have the it umph to hear up the van when the temperature drop below freezing.  Especially if there is any wind.  That is more the vehicle than the heater.  I imagine in a good shanty the Mr Heater Little Buddy works great.  It certainly pots out enough heat, but our van is full of holes and has no insulation whatsoever.

Now I I've had the Mr Heater Little Buddy for almost a year now.  A real good friends of ours helped us get one last year when we were in Tennessee and it was snowing.  I did not think it snowed in Tennessee, at least not that much.  Anyway we got this Mr Heater Little Buddy propane radiant heater and it was absolutely perfect for that situation.  Though I do wish it had a high and low setting.  Yes they are times when it is too much, but without it, it is still a little chilly.

Our sparker does not work anymore, but that is easily solved using a lighter.  It burns pretty clean, and does keep back most of the chill.  In a well built shanty on the ice, or in a nice tree blind I think the Mr Heater Little Buddy propane radiant heater would be in it's element.  Pretty damn tough, and though it does go through some propane, about a bottle every three or four hours, it does the trick.

When we get the RV though it will not be enough that is for sure.

We also have the Mr Heater blue flame convection heater in the garage.  This thing kicks out some heat.  Even without the blower it takes the chill off the completely uninsulated garage.  We have the 30,000btu model, and it is big, but it does stave off the cold.  Once we get the garage insulated it will likely barely run at all.  As it is we are burning through about 30lbs of propane per day.  Not cheap, but once we get the insulation in it will be awesome and not cost that much.  This heater the Mr Heater blue flame propane convection heater is a monster, far too big for our RV.  I think the 10,000btu model will be ideal for the RV, but I will not know until I have tested it out.  I almost never recommend a product until I have used it for a while, like the Mr Heater Little Buddy propane radiant heater, which I can tell you works, great, is durable, and in the right situation is the perfect tool for the job.

I want to be honest here, the links are Amazon links I put here, and they are affiliate links, but Mr Heater company knows nothing of this post, and has not given me any incentive to write about their products.  If you decide to use the Amazon links, cool we get a little bit of coin from it.  I have to admit my social network is not extensive enough that even such endorsements would make much difference, but hey I appreciate it anyway.  I have never earned enough to actually get any money from my affiliate links, but that doesn't matter to me, I do it because I believe in what I am endorsing.  Well that is my disclaimer thing, and thank you for letting me bother you for a bit with this thing.

I feel like this should be in a different blog, but I have all but ditched my other blogs, they just do not get any views.  Not that this one gets much, if I post a lot I average about 20-30 views per post, sometimes the view count will get over fifty if I post a picture.  The picture in this part of of our Little Buddy propane radiant heater in our van.  Well I am done here, maybe I can pay again later, who knows.

Well apparently Amazon took away my affiliate account, so no links, so yea, until that is fixed, all that stuff I said, forget I said it.


Monday, November 27, 2017

Blogger Evaluation 11-27-17

After looking at my blog, three things stand out to me.  One that I need to get an url, two that it needs a better template, and three, that I need to control the advertising links.

If you want to support my work, and perhaps see more of it, you can donate to my cause by using my Amazon affiliate link, which I will begin publishing soon.  I will also include a PayPal link, so you can subscribe to the blog.  Other than that, click on the advertisements, comment, share, the usual stuff.  Contact me if you would like to have me link to your blog or vlog, and I will check it out.


Fire of Desires ( first position)

I danced on the pyers
Of the love and desire
Those that borne me
Paid with their suffering
Through anguish and pain
Their sorrow and tears
Echoes of their memories
The fuel fed to my fire
Will know me as I am
After I have released
And ceased to spin the illusion

JD 11-27-17

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Other Side

I could not finish this essay.  Why?  It is about the perspective of a black man and his prescription of an interaction with a police officer.  While I am certain that it is as he says, it is not exclusive to color.

He talks of the cop asking questions like does he have any drugs, guns, or anything illegal in the car.  I have been asked the same questions by police officers.  Perhaps my reaction is different, I do not look away, I do not back down in difference to the officer.  I do not take their bait when they threaten to bring dogs, or another cup shows up.  I have had enough experience to know that the cop sees my long hair, my style of clothing, and assumes I must have drugs, or at least an high.  I use that to my advantage, and use my knowledge of law against him.  Though I have often been told to get out of the car, I really do.  If I do so, I lock the car, and do not allow them entry.  It does not matter that I knew I had nothing in the car, I don't know what he or she might have on them.  I've been arrested, my car left for a friend's to retrieve, as they had no probable cause.  My first call is always to someone who will them call my lawyer.  I wait, and only once, because of the weather was I ever fully processed in and had to sit in a cell for 24 hours.  Even at that I was alone in the cell, not in central holding, because even though my lawyer could not get there to sign the papers, he insisted I was held in a private cell.

I understand the job of a police officer is difficult, but they make it more so with profiling, and making assumptions.  I am Irish decent, so yea mostly white.  I look like I should be something I am not and that gets me stopped for a dirty license plate, or some other such bs.  My entire life I have driven more without a license than with one.  I don't think about it, just money to pay off whoever decided they need to hit me up for money.  That is the way I look at it.  Perhaps it is different, but from my perspective not by much.  I have never been thrown on the hood of my car, or even touched without my permission.  I have been treated fairly well when you consider it.  I try to treat the police officers with respect, but never cower to a civil servant.  I pay their salary, and if they disrespect me, I gently remind them that I am their employer, and my lawyer will certainly make note of any issues I feel are unjust or unlawful.

Be as it may be, I have found that if you treat them with the respect they deserve, do not fear them, and keep them aware of your status as citizen, you should fair out alright.  Though it may be different for black people, or Latino people, or the list goes on, for me it isn't the police officers that are different, it is how I deal with them that changes things.


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Puppies for Sale

So far I have looked at several of the major websites for listing puppies, and they all use the same model.  They tell you,  you can list your puppies for free, but the buyers will have to pay for contact information.  Now who the hell is going to bother with your ad if they have to pay for it?

That is just deceptive and petty business practice.  If you want to pay for insertion you can by becoming a subscribing member, either by the month or in blocks or by the year, whatever.  Unfortunately, they wait to tell you that after you have submitted a listing.

Of course you want to pay for the listing, because the buyers should not and will not pay to view your ad.  If they were at all reputable they would state that it is a paid insertion site right from the beginning, and state their fees even before you sign up for anything.

I have to sell my puppies, and I don't even mind paying for insertion, that is the cost of doing business.  Back in the days of newspaper and magazine publishing you were quoted a price before you submitted the ad based on various factors, all of which they described up front, before you submitted the ad.  They did not say hey yea, we will print the ad, but if you want the reader to see it you will have to pay a subscription fee.  That borders on extortion, though not quite, it is certainly pretty close.

Paying for ad insertion, even paying for ad performance, and such things is the cost of selling, it is to be expected.  What you do not expect, or should not expect is that the people I am listing with will utilize bait and switch tactics to extort a subscription fee from me, and that does not even include any special services like bold titles, which are costed per ad.

It would be better if they charged a per ad insertion fee, plus any extras, and offered discounts for frequency, number of ads submitted at the same time, and premium listing for search ranking.  They should post these cost up front, before you sign up with them, before you submit an ad, and definitely not make buyers pay to see the contact information or details of the ad.  That is just bad business practice.

If I had the time right now I would do it right, build my own listing service, website, mobile app, and integrate it with the social sites and search services.  I know it takes time to build up such things, but doing right is better for everyone.  The cost up front model has worked well for many years, and it instills a level of honesty and integrity that is not present in the model these listing sites use.

To top it all off, they also run ads on their site, so they are making the bulk of their revenue from ads that the buyer and seller are subjected to without their consent, or even interest in their service.

Though I can not fault them for running ads on the site, this is the way with the internet, there is a right way and a wrong way to do that as well.  Specify an area, above the fold, in the right column, above the footer, and run the ads there, not inline, especially for subscribed members.  Their integrity is suspect at best, they feel cheap and very used car salesman like, and I will not subscribe to them.  I will also post this blog, share it to my social network, and though it will have no effect on them at all, I will feel better for it.

Maybe I will build a better website, anyone interested in such a thing, or have you submitted to this model of doing business?  Am I just a dinosaur for thinking that integrity, honesty, and good business practice is still the best course of action.


Monday, November 20, 2017

Yea That's Right

I am the greatest cook.  How do I know this, because I can even make oatmeal delicious.  I would tell you my secret, but you will have to buy the book to find out how to elevate oatmeal from boring to delicious.

Coming soon a cookbook filled with such things, from us, with pictures.  I will post the link as soon as it goes live on Amazon.


Monday, October 30, 2017

Playlist Lose (Smart BS)

I just looked up the process of making a playlist, on any service provider, and while most of them have different processes, they all fail.  Why do they all fail?  Because they all claim some sort of benefit to their playlist, and since I have to do the work of selecting songs (YouTube, being the exception), to fill the playlist, they all fail.  Five years ago I would have been like okay, but I have spent the last five years listening to music almost exclusively online, and yet I still have to tell them how to make a playlist of my preferred music.

These providers can deliver targeted advertising to me browser based on what I search for, videos I watch, music I listen to, etc., But they can not somehow manage to compile a playlist of twenty songs I frequently listen to.  That in my book is a complete fail.  If you can not use all that data you collect on my online presence for anything other than your own benefit, and claim it is for my benefit, yet it does nothing for me, them that is a complete fail.  After five years I'd should have targeted search results, better advertising, and better playlist already generated and trollied to my moods.  Sure if I want to build my own playlist they should be an option, but I should have some Auto ones waiting for those times when I just want to listen to all the same songs I listen to all the time anyway.  Do not tell me about your smart devices and intelligent algorithms, when the only benefit is your bottom line.  To me that is pure bullshit, nothing more, and until something changes, that is all it ever will be.


Thursday, October 26, 2017

Amazon Win

Amazon has won, in the battle for my home, between Google and Amazon, the release of the Amazon security camera that controls my lock wins.  Especially for such things as for services.  That I do not need to worry about my home and Amazon will take care of it, that is awesome.  By installing the Amazon security camera they take on the liability for anything that happens to my home.  Sweet, now I can trust Amazon to protect my home.  Even if they do not protect my home, they are liable for it once they take on that contract.

A win for Amazon, now to see what the volley will be from Google.  This is turning into quite the fun competition.  Another year from now when I start the build of my home, maybe the winner will be declared.


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

I Right Sea

I'm reading, thinking, doing, watching, all this I stop, and I write, scratch symbols into life.  Not this, as digital simulation is not the same.  It is not real, just virtual, it holds no power.

I write, on the page, with ink like blood it flows into indentations made by my chisel.  It is sacrifice, the giving of one's breath to the symbols, each one etched into linen or wood or stone.  To be transferred, read, by unseen energy into the universe, or sung by voices unheard.

A line, a dot, a pictograph, a hieroglyph, a cuneiform, letters as we call them, words we give them names, but who are we to know the language of the universe, the sounds we hear but know not their meaning, as foreign to our deaf ears as the call of the lioness, or the sparrow, or the hiss of the snake.

You cannot breathe these digital points of light.  You cannot drink its electric impulses, though you feel them in your empty brains.  Hear the echo of its signature as it dances across the phosphorus stage, emitting light but not life, empty sounds you hear but cannot realize the damage that it causes with its hollow hum of radiation.

I write right, breathing life into symbols that hold sacrifice in their creation.  I listen for her voice, barely audible above the din of commerce, it is there in the wind.  I breath her perfume of death and life, her decay and rebirth, and I taste the shape of her existence.  Beneath the corse cover of busy workers being busy, I see the truth, and it is simple beautiful.


Let go

Be not




Monday, October 23, 2017

Mobile Trade-off

I do not understand human behavior.  I probably have said this many times before, but it still boggles my mind.

Texting behavior, or the use of a mobile phone at all is just strange to me.  How did the human race exist before mobile phones anyway?  Immediacy has increased, but intimacy has decreased, not sure if the trade-off was worth it.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Hearts and Spades

There is a point at which one must take apart what one believes to be in order to fully embrace a new paradigm.  This destruction is the creation potential that comes from losing old stuff for new stuff.  Not that everything new is better, our that everything old is useless, but that stagnation is a slow but inevitable death, maybe.

I say maybe because we do not know the value of such potential.  We are not aware of anything that would be remotely like stagnation.  Though it is true we have not progressed much socially, still squabbling over grains of sand, living in caves, that sort of thing, we have technically advanced, perhaps faster than we should have.

We now call our technology smart, it is not!  It has a long way to go before it is smart.  Smart is something we continue to struggle with, how is it possible we could create technology that is smarter than ourselves.  Even the brightest of our people fall short of creating anything that could be considered truly revolutionary.  We are still at the destroy everything stage.  When we learn to use our creative energy to uplift our world, that will be a truly innovative progression.

Still I'm not above liking gadgets and shiny things.  You could take all of them away and I would not miss them all that much.  If I lose everything else and still have my wife and my dogs, I will survive, I will thrive, because I have not forgotten what matters most.  Have you?



Saturday, October 21, 2017

I just Can't Think Right Now

I wonder what you are at, asking me if I'm thin.  Man you listen to this girl, and she has flowers to sell, keep them memories from regressing.  I can't hear your blues, your horns are mellow, and my eyes are green.  So I'm just a jack of no trades pushing my dreams into the wild blue, you can't find me no more.  So I get stuck, can't feel you no more, though you are right beside me.

What happened to Peter, Paul and Mary, someone might ask some day, but for now they are just a joke told by conservatives in dark rooms listening secretly to Bob Dylan.  Arlo where did you go, we miss your insight, but that was oh so long ago, I don't remember any of those songs.

Hey man, are you sure you want to keep at this, I just can't think, my head hurts and I have nothing to soothe these stones in my passway.


Wednesday, October 04, 2017

City States

Unfortunately I think we are back sliding politically.  As a society I think we are not unifying our world, but headed more towards a world of states.  There may be only one universal, the network, and that may be beyond our comprehension before to long.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Real Internet Radio

So radio is dead.  Bad enough what video did to music, but the internet has completely killed radio.  I mean sure it is still out there, programmed stations running the same crap so advertisers can attempt to influence the captive audience.  Don't get me wrong, even the internet has advertisers, but for the most part they are easier to tune out, most of the time.

What I want is real radio on the web.  I want a computer DJ who plays a huge verity of music all day everyday, someone like Lazo.  I do not want it to sound like a computer, but I don't want a human DJ either.

Computer vocalization is pretty horrible.  It is not too bad for things like mapping software, or search, but otherwise it pretty much sucks.  Computers do not get inflection apparently.  Hell I know a lot of people that do not grasp that concept, so not surprising when computers get it wrong.  They are after all our creations.

Perhaps Alexa or Google Now will evilly get it.  Maybe if they listened to a few million clips of Wolfman Jack, or Lazo, maybe then.  The truth is computers do not learn from experience, so that is worthless.  Still if those data files were available to them perhaps they could use them like samples.  One thing a computer can do well is sample a sounds file and work it through algorithms to produce something else.  If we humans do not give them the data and the programming they can not do anything.  AI has a long way to go, and maybe that is a good thing.

Just the same, wouldn't it be cool if Spotify had a DJ.  You know it would be.


Sunday, August 20, 2017

Worthy Not

I think the social networks are severely overrated.  They are not social at all.  I used to be all about first adoption, had to know what was on the horizon.  Now I just don't care, I'm so beyond all that.  Facebook, I don't know why I even still have an account there.  Of what use is all the static that flows from the stream of unconsciousness that is Twitter.  It is so much noise.  I just don't care enough about people or things anymore.  Even this blog has become narcissistic, perhaps it always was.  Personally I would not know, being wrapped up so much in my own self worth.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Sometimes even the best intentions of bleeding hearts, and the worst intentions of zealous conservative fanatics can have equal and and opposite reactions.  If computer programming ever taught me anything, it is there is no such thing as random generation, at some point a pattern always emerges.  The anomalies are the norm, and even if you test, there is something that you didn't see the first hundred times.

Humans are fraught with intention.  They can not help themselves.  They are not only filled with the thought of intention, but they feel compelled to express that intention, even if they are incapable of completing it.  Those that do find invariably that all too often the side effect of their well planned intentions go sideways when they least expect it.  They do not always realize that their intentions might not be in their best interest.  Or in the best interest of some others.  If there were some force that could balance that nature of humans, but the duplicity of nature is such that they, the humans are at odds even with their most obvious of observations.  When we discover that, the rest will be as child's play.

Yet do not underestimate the power of intention.  Provided the right sort of environment and it can grow beyond the bounds of our limits of imagination.  I respect that, however misguided it may be.


Saturday, May 20, 2017

Almond Milk and Other Such Myths

Most people drink almond milk for one of two reasons.  One being that it is healthier than cows milk, or the second because they are lactose intolerant.  Both of these reasons are as mythical as unicorns.  There is another reason, but this one is so irrational I won't even give it a mention.  Peta is full of well intended idiots.

Lactose intolerance is a medical myth, even the medical professionals know this, though they would not admit it, as the money they earn from pharmaceutical companies would be vastly diminished if they actually practiced good doctoring rather than modern medicine.  Still many people believe this and so therefore many people are lactose intolerant.  Given half a chance and more people would be intolerant of real food and only able to eat synthetic food, and maybe we are going that way.

Funny that such issues came about after they already had alternatives for them.  Like diseases they concoct after they have developed the treatment for it.  Five thousand years of human evolution, and in the last two hundred we suddenly can't eat our usual diet.  But the chemical, agriculture, pharmaceutical industries, all of which are related, and tired to the military industrial complex, have solutions to our issues with diet, and judging from the results I would say they are right on track for increasing profits.

The second reason, or first maybe, whatever, that it is healthier than cows milk is as much a lie as the other, they are related to the same marketing scheme.  Not that it is actually unhealthy, but that it is as, or more healthy than cows milk creates an image that cows milk is unhealthy.  Like the tea-totalled movement in Brittan, the removal of beer from the diet of workers was not the healthiest option.  Still these self-absorbed, self-righteous ignorant dunces still go on banging their drums because they have to win.  This is a problem that is of a different sort, but it is related.  There is no win win, there is only win lose, and some people just can not handle loss.  I cannot go into that psychological cluster fuck with a good treatment at this time, but maybe soon I will tackle the psychosis of psychology (pretty catchy book title right there).

Well anyway there is no real science behind this marketing blitz, just profit, and will it is easier to manufacture soy milk or almond milk, or better still to synthesize such products on a mass scale (economies of scale) than to try to clone milk cows.  Not that modern science had not considered the alternative.

I am not trying to state that change is bad, just that the rationale for the change is not what it is reported to be.  How does that matter?  Well if it does not, why the hell you reading this in the first place?  Change for all the right reasons, because you prefer the one thing over the other.  Never change because the carton is nicer looking, and the woman in the ad is better looking than you or your friends.  Start or stop doing things not because they are bad for your health, let me tell you, the health people do not care about your health, they just the health of your birth certificate, do it because it is what feels right.  If you can not feel it, if you do not trust your feelings, get right with that, everything else will fall into place.  Hey if you do not live to hundred and six, at least you maybe enjoyed the ride.  No one, no one, lives forever, at least not serfs and not even the gentry, and the few that do live ridiculously long lives, it is not because they did this, or did not do that, it is because they lived their lives​ free of worry, and that my friends is the key.

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Politics of BS

Being a rather well informed bs artist myself, I think I know a bit about it.  Though to be truthful the politicians have it over me in tonnage.  It ain't just US politics either, the whole global Gambit is wriethe​ with political bullshit. As if religion were not enough bs, the dumb bastards had to concoct yet another layer of bs, and they call it government.  Just another way for elitist bastards to weild their supposed right to rule over the deserving peasantry.

In some ways they have the right, because in general the peasants are just that, bumbling idiots willing to follow whatever authority seems to hold their limited interest.  Perhaps that is why they developed so many layers.  As they say you can't fool all of the people all of the time.  That it's unless you create so much distraction that they have no time to focus on one thing or the other.  Give the people their blood and circuses and they will remain mostly docile to your rule.  Unfortunate, but mostly true.

There will always be people like me who just don't buy it.  When we are known they will find their way to us, to either convert us or eliminate us.  This sounds like a paranoid belief, but too much evidence exist.  Still I don't worry, no one pays me any attention any ways so I am relatively safe for now.  If I thought otherwise I would do otherwise, to ensure the safety of those I do care about.

Here I sit in the middle of no where, waiting, wondering, where to begin, and I know it doesn't matter, because no one is listening.  So I just disconnect, let it be, for the people get the oppression they accept, and I can do nothing for them but sigh.


Friday, April 07, 2017

Weather Related

Right now I would take either of the two, either warm or dry, though both would be better.

I've been sitting back, looking at things from my distance, not really saying much.  I will generally still take that approach, but a couple of things really bother me.

Where the hell did DJ go to school?  I've heard children who have better command of the English language.  His tweets are atrocious.  If English is not his first language, what is, really.  I am curious, because back in the late eighties when I was briefly introduced to DJ by a friend of mine in NY, I thought he seemed a fairly articulate, if arrogant person.

Still, piss poor ability to speak or write is not exactly a symptom for inability to lead.  I could name many leaders that had less education, and far less command of the English language.  What truly bothers me is his lack of ability has seem to come about as a result of his recent television career.  Not one of illustrious standing, but a reality based series, quite likely the lowest form of tv hack job Eve conceived.

I just don't know what to say really, is he really as dumb as he makes himself seem, it is there something else going on here.  I think there is a lot more to all of this, but I haven't put all the pieces together yet.  Let us hope I do before something really dramatic happens.

In the meantime, I am still reading my tweets, still thinking, still watching, and will be looking for bellwether indicators of what might be the true meaning behind the political motivations of this administration.


Saturday, March 11, 2017

New Blog Coming Soon

I am starting a new blog, based on my newest piece of work.  I am working on a book, not just any book, but one designed to help people with life issues.

The title of the book, and thereto the name of the blog is how to ruin your life.  It is something like a self help book, though I truly hope no one actually uses the advice given.  I already have the title to the follow up book, how to really ruin your life, and so on and so forth through various other similar themes.

Of course I will be put posting to the social web, not that it will matter, they are all dead to me now.