Sunday, August 14, 2016

Committed to Memory

How can I commit all these things to memory?  With memory failing so fast, along with the bloom of youth now long past it's parlor.  Yet there are moments when vitality still run feverish within, barely contained, often expressed in a negative manner.  It is a simple thing really, just as it once was a matter of repetitive study, so it is still true.

If there was anything that my poor education taught me, it was that if you repeat it often enough, even a lie will be perceived as truth.  Through practice and repetition, most things can be committed to memory, at least long enough so that with application it can be made part of the permanent memory.

Study, application, study again, using as many your faculties as you can, and in no time you can fill your mind with massive quantities of useful, and as often useless information.

The lesson for today is that of all the things they taught me in school, the method to commit data to memory, and then recall it, at least in the short term, was likely the only one that was truly useful.  Everything else I already knew how to do, I only needed to remember how.