Thursday, July 28, 2016

Agent Roads

As a very impatient type, I guess I will wait one more week to hear from the agent and if I get no response I will crank up the word processor again and reformat the novel for Kindle.

It has been a long trip waiting on agents, and while I appreciate the work they have to do, I am inclined to believe that after a month if they haven't got back to me, the conclusion is going to be less than positive.

I am inclined to think that if it is a piece they absolutely have to have they respond fairly quickly.  Consequently if it is one they want personally write the rejection letter for, they will be quite a while, otherwise they probably send out a standard form rejection to most of the stuff that crosses their desk.

Can't say I blame them, with hundreds maybe even thousands of submissions a week, if the piece doesn't grab them right away, but it isn't so bad they can't get past the first twelve mistakes, well I guess that is why it takes them a couple of weeks to respond.  Since it has been a decent amount of time, I think another week is six weeks, i think it is time to implement plan b, self publish on Amazon.

I won't go into the details of why I was trying to get an agent, but suffice to say that I felt my work was of a quality that it could use the services of an agent.  I sometimes think in my smug self image that it is their loss, but I know they will not lose any sleep over it, and I am tired of losing sleep over it.

I really liked this guy, he really seemed the guy to help me represent my body of work, but I guess like most things, it comes down to doing it myself.

I will of course be posting updates and such once the book is available on Kindle.  Thank you for sharing this journey with me.


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Political Discourse

It is that time of year again, when baseball is all but done, and there is nothing left to talk about but politics.

So let me start right out with, I don't give a shit, though I often find the passions of others entertaining.  I am pretty sure the establishment is well aware of that fact.

Let's start out by saying that politics is a game of money.  At some point you have to admit that fact.  So let's say you put your money on your horse.  You take your 20 dollars, or hundred, I don't care, we are going to say you spend 20 of your hard earned income on your political beliefs. For the sake of argument you support the conservative party.  I don't care really, it could be the libertarian, it even liberal left, I don't care, please try to follow along here.  This is not an attack on anyone or even our political system, just observations of disinterested party.  Mind you I am not apathetic, just deeply cynical.

So you bet on your horse, the conservative party. Now you tell your friends, and encourage them to do the same.  Let's say you have 10 friends.  I am trying to simplify this a little.  So you tell your ten friends, and they put in their 20 bucks, cause they all hang out with you and barbeque on your deck and your children swim in their pools.  Maybe you got that neighbor you love to hate, but we'll get to that.  We were talking about your chummy buddies.  So you all put your money on your horse to win.  Good for you, you are participating in the political arena games.  You think you are the only one with friends?  No maybe even some of your friends have friends that they don't share with you.  Hey you know it's possible.  Whatever, they put in, you put in, lots of people put up their cash, and that amounts to a lot of fuel for your race car team.  How much you really think your vote is worth, you can buy votes, so what do you think it's worth.  I'll come back took that. 

Let's say in total your party gets a million dollars through personal contributions like yours.  While that seems like a bunch of cash to you, to the insatiable apatite of the political machine, that doesn't really account for much.  So the super pack was created, I am not going to go into detail here, but when you want to gain political influence you create a super pack.  Now you can funnel billions of dollars into your horse of choice.  If you don't think that doesn't get notice, well we are never going to get through this.

The super pack is not the end of it though, no far from it.  There are lobbies that can be used to buy influence.  Hell l could go on for quite some time and not even start to get into the dark grey areas of political finance.  Host a dinner, throw a party, a barbeque if you will, invite the money, and of course your horse of choice, or at least one of their top aids, and you've got yourself a senator, or even a president.  They are all for sale, unfortunately you don't have the cash, never will, and even Billy Gates has to play the game, because the people who own everything already own the politicians, and their the ones selling you a dead horse as a yearling and all of you are buying, hook, line and sinker.

Remember I said I was going to get back to that thing about your neighbor, well I will, next time, when I talk about party, and eh you were not given an invitation.

Have fun, see you again next year.