Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Death Do Us Part

Funny, in that way, that we put as much care into death as we do.  I protect you in death in such a way, that had I provided such attentions in life I would not be doing so in death.

Death is for the living, or at least the ceremony with which we revere our closest, do they have no use of this corporeal world any longer.  Such fragile souls they have that last beyond the ends of time and dimension.

I should not care for the dead, let ghost care for their selves, but grief is such a harsh mistress, only a close relative of misery, and for whom we keep careful company.

I am truly sorry, though that is hardly useful to anyone but my own self.

Not at peace today,

Milk of Human Kindness

What is wrong with people?  Yes my puppies should not be in the road, yes I failed my puppy, this I am responsible for.  Why do people have to hit my dogs, run over my puppy and not even stop. I have lost all faith in human kind, I officially hate people and I do not use that word lightly, I hate people.  When I am able, I will exclude myself from these horrible creatures called man, they are without conscience.

I not for which I have done to deserve such treatment, but be it played upon my self rather than the innocents.

Not at peace today