Saturday, April 16, 2016

WP Fail

Well I tried to move the blog to WordPress, but it did not work.  Not only was it nearly impossible to work with, and to do it well you have to use software on a web host, which are extremely expensive.

All that aside that is not why I have come back to blogger rather than tried to slog though the WP world, as it seems all the "pro" bloggers do.  No the reason I came back to blogspot and blogger, is because even though I "connected" my social sites with the WP blog, it did not share them.  Though I have to do the manual thing with blogger as well, at least I get something for it, views.  It isn't much, I usually do not average over 15 views per post, but it is better than nothing, I guess.  After talking so much about enjoying my obscurity, let's face it, even I like a little recognition sometimes.


Proper Fit Fixed (a WP post that wasn't)

I think I like this “Proper Cloth” site, it shows that a proper shirt can be made, but I think it needs to be taken another step. Is it possible to build a “proper suit” site, where you can get a proper fitted suit. There should be some way to do this, virtually. One thing you can not do is take measurements. The customer will have to have measurements done. I think the only way to do this it to have the customer come into a place, or have a tech (fitter) go out to the customer’s location and get the “proper fit” measurements.
Again I am still on the same issues I have with many things like this, it is sort of there, but not quite. The other problem I have with it is the cost. It is just too much, $95.00 for a mixed blend most likely mediocre shirt is just too much. The basic shirt of 50/50 blend should not be any more than $45.00 each, with premium shirts being about $65.00, and really special shirts being no more than $80.00 at the most. Over a $100.00 for a dress shirt is ridiculous, they just are not worth it, especially since you are not really having it tailored properly. Maybe if they sent out a tailor to fit you properly, well that might be different.
Really the tailoring (fitting) should be done as a fee for service (maybe even using local resources), while the shirts are made somewhere, and then shipped, and again fitted if need be, but that would be another fee for service. It would be still expensive, but not any more expensive than the online version, and there would be a higher level of perceived value. It would also increase the amount of local work for local resources, such as tailors and perhaps even creating work for local tailors and seamstresses. By linking local resources, with a network of buyers, it would be possible for people to get the tailored shirts they want at reasonable cost. The network could provide not only network services, but also bulk purchase and warehousing of materials and supplies for the local resources, so that they would have access to high quality materials at discounted cost. They could also obtain finished products based the measurements they have made for the people, or just provide the measurements, and the clients could then purchase products based on those measurements, either from our catalog, or from anywhere, including the “Proper Cloth” site.