Friday, April 08, 2016

How to Destroy the World

We Must Destroy the World to Save It

The first thing is that we have to destroy all cultural identity.  If we are to make any true progress we must first destroy all cultural identity, for only then can be begin to work towards a universal oneness that will bring about forward progression.

As it is right now we all speak different languages.  We will certainly need a singular language, an universal language, one that is understood by anyone, even if they are not from a particular period or space.

We live in a world that is divided by invisible lines, politics, religion, and culture all divide us.  We must break that cultural divide to create a oneness that will allow for actual forward progression of the species.  It is not enough to have a one world order, we must have a universal order, one that is so ubiquitous that it could be recognized even if one was from another galaxy, if that is possible.  We can not have a single religion, we must forego religion all together, for any belief in any form of religion is only going to retard our ability to move forward in a timely fashion.  We can not create a oneness with division along beliefs, and we can not agree to have one belief over all the others, that is oppression, not openness.

The rules of openness are quite simple, one language, one world, one universal law.  Until we can get beyond morality we will not get beyond the need for religion, politics and oppression.

Thursday, April 07, 2016

One or Many in the Audience

Your discourse is amusing at least, though it serves you with no true belief.  You hear not the harmony of your sound, but only the cacophony of your words as they resound on the empty corridors of your platted cavernous walls.

The lights only serve to blind you from the truth that before you lies, is there one or many in the audience, and does that even matter?  While you may not grasp the significance of such questions, they are asked, repeatedly, as you strut upon the stage, and pretend you know for whom you play.  The greater question is there anyone at all, or are you putting on the act for no one, for empty seats?

That can not be, you will most certainly convince yourself of.  There are occasional glimpses of something, but you are unsure what that is.  You are certain you have heard the mumbles of someone who must be, for you look into the arc lights and see shadows, and those shadows must contain some life, for we can not all be upon the stage.

For were you to look upon the grass, are there not so many types of flies, and who would leave so many types of flies to be found, were it not to be found.  Why wonder if wonder not of who would have created this stage, were it not for his or their entertainments.  Were it not for my inquiry would it matter at all, or would you as happily been upon the stage for no one but the director, who has convinced you that the producers are watching?

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Moving Soon to WordPress, Misfortunately

Why I am going to have to migrate to WordPress.

I am going to have to migrate to WordPress because in the last hour I have tried to post two short blog post on blogger, and it has failed to load twice, and had several errors and freezes.  It has come to the point where I also need to move my blogs to their own server, and this is better done with WordPress than with Blogger.  As much as I have liked Google in the past, and have tried like hell to stay with them, the truth is, they are not my cup of tea.  It is like Windows OS, I need to use their OS to play the video games I want to play, but at the end of the day, for most every other thing I do with a computer, I would prefer the Debian OS or some derivative of it.

So now I just have to reload all my previous blog post to the WordPress server which will be set up on my hosted server.  The thing is I have to do this for my own blog, but I also have to do this for all my other blogs, and for my wife's new website as well.  This is going to be a couple of months of work, but what else do I have to do right.

Vice is the Spice of Life, Sometimes

Vice is the spice of life.

While this is not actually or even relatively true, it does seem that way very often.  As I have grown older, the medical professionals have told me to give up more and more.  Sure I had to give up drinking and illegal drugs, they were definitely killing me.  Well more precisely I was killing myself with them, and only very lucky I had not killed some others along the way.  That left me with cigarettes, and coffee.  Now that I am giving up cigarettes, (tobacco) all I will have is excessive coffee drinking, and I get the feeling it will not be long before the medical professionals will be telling me that I need to cut back on the coffee, if not cut it out all together and what will remain of my vices then.

I could maybe consider swearing and some other minor immoral things as vices, but I really can not see myself as a christian monk, so yea, that really is not much to go on.  It seems to me that as I get older, I do not actually die, my mind still reels with ideas and things of imagination, but my body just gives up, or at least that is what the doctors are trying to convince me of.

Last week I went in for an operation, and they removed a tumor from my neck, and found a legion on my lung, whatever that means.  Are they setting me up for cancer, have they marked me for death, they said I was dangerously close to that as the tumor was very large and close to causing a stroke.  I do not see or feel a marked improvement in my health yet, maybe later, but for now, it does not seem better.  In fact with the restrictions they have placed on me until I heal, it is really more like they have taken away most of my ability to work or even to live.  Especially now that they want me to quit everything.

Don't get me wrong, smoking cigarettes for a long time has bothered me, and I have thought, yea, I should definitely quit or at least cut way down, but that does not happen easily, and it is not a one day event for me.  So this will be a battle, I hope to win, but at the same time, because I really have no other vices left, it does seem like there is nothing left for me to hold on to.  Maybe I can start over eating, but I do not think that will work for me, and it would kill me just as quick apparently, so why bother.

I mean really, what is life without at least one vice?

Why Cigarettes Suck

What they need to invent is a device that delivers nicotine to your system that you hold in your hand, and put into your mouth when you want some nicotine, and you can light it with a cigarette lighter.

Oh wait they have that, it is called a cigarette.