Thursday, July 28, 2016

Agent Roads

As a very impatient type, I guess I will wait one more week to hear from the agent and if I get no response I will crank up the word processor again and reformat the novel for Kindle.

It has been a long trip waiting on agents, and while I appreciate the work they have to do, I am inclined to believe that after a month if they haven't got back to me, the conclusion is going to be less than positive.

I am inclined to think that if it is a piece they absolutely have to have they respond fairly quickly.  Consequently if it is one they want personally write the rejection letter for, they will be quite a while, otherwise they probably send out a standard form rejection to most of the stuff that crosses their desk.

Can't say I blame them, with hundreds maybe even thousands of submissions a week, if the piece doesn't grab them right away, but it isn't so bad they can't get past the first twelve mistakes, well I guess that is why it takes them a couple of weeks to respond.  Since it has been a decent amount of time, I think another week is six weeks, i think it is time to implement plan b, self publish on Amazon.

I won't go into the details of why I was trying to get an agent, but suffice to say that I felt my work was of a quality that it could use the services of an agent.  I sometimes think in my smug self image that it is their loss, but I know they will not lose any sleep over it, and I am tired of losing sleep over it.

I really liked this guy, he really seemed the guy to help me represent my body of work, but I guess like most things, it comes down to doing it myself.

I will of course be posting updates and such once the book is available on Kindle.  Thank you for sharing this journey with me.


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