Friday, June 10, 2016

DDF Update 06-10-2016

Chickens, Dogs, been that kind of day.  Stupid hen, keeps taking her chicks down to the road.  I just get them up by the barn again and the dogs have to go out.  I chase the dogs around the yard and out of the road, and get them back in the house, and the hen decides to venture back to the road with her chicks. It is no wonder I get nothing done.

If I were to put up a fence, that would keep them in for the most part, but it would take more money than I can afford at the moment, and more work than I seem to have time for.  of course it would save time, and it would be safer for the animals, but there still is the issue of the money.  A rough estimate of 100 foot of fencing is about $380.00 per 100 foot.  We would need at least 300 feet of fencing to close in the front of the property.  We would need another 600 feet of fencing to complete the perimeter.  That is a lot of fencing and a lot of cost. So much, that, the money might be better spent investing in a different property.

Really just need to find an agent and sell my book.  If anyone knows of a good agent looking for a new writer, send them my contact info, or send me their's, just as good.


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