Thursday, April 07, 2016

One or Many in the Audience

Your discourse is amusing at least, though it serves you with no true belief.  You hear not the harmony of your sound, but only the cacophony of your words as they resound on the empty corridors of your platted cavernous walls.

The lights only serve to blind you from the truth that before you lies, is there one or many in the audience, and does that even matter?  While you may not grasp the significance of such questions, they are asked, repeatedly, as you strut upon the stage, and pretend you know for whom you play.  The greater question is there anyone at all, or are you putting on the act for no one, for empty seats?

That can not be, you will most certainly convince yourself of.  There are occasional glimpses of something, but you are unsure what that is.  You are certain you have heard the mumbles of someone who must be, for you look into the arc lights and see shadows, and those shadows must contain some life, for we can not all be upon the stage.

For were you to look upon the grass, are there not so many types of flies, and who would leave so many types of flies to be found, were it not to be found.  Why wonder if wonder not of who would have created this stage, were it not for his or their entertainments.  Were it not for my inquiry would it matter at all, or would you as happily been upon the stage for no one but the director, who has convinced you that the producers are watching?

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