Friday, April 08, 2016

How to Destroy the World

We Must Destroy the World to Save It

The first thing is that we have to destroy all cultural identity.  If we are to make any true progress we must first destroy all cultural identity, for only then can be begin to work towards a universal oneness that will bring about forward progression.

As it is right now we all speak different languages.  We will certainly need a singular language, an universal language, one that is understood by anyone, even if they are not from a particular period or space.

We live in a world that is divided by invisible lines, politics, religion, and culture all divide us.  We must break that cultural divide to create a oneness that will allow for actual forward progression of the species.  It is not enough to have a one world order, we must have a universal order, one that is so ubiquitous that it could be recognized even if one was from another galaxy, if that is possible.  We can not have a single religion, we must forego religion all together, for any belief in any form of religion is only going to retard our ability to move forward in a timely fashion.  We can not create a oneness with division along beliefs, and we can not agree to have one belief over all the others, that is oppression, not openness.

The rules of openness are quite simple, one language, one world, one universal law.  Until we can get beyond morality we will not get beyond the need for religion, politics and oppression.

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