Sunday, August 14, 2016

Committed to Memory

How can I commit all these things to memory?  With memory failing so fast, along with the bloom of youth now long past it's parlor.  Yet there are moments when vitality still run feverish within, barely contained, often expressed in a negative manner.  It is a simple thing really, just as it once was a matter of repetitive study, so it is still true.

If there was anything that my poor education taught me, it was that if you repeat it often enough, even a lie will be perceived as truth.  Through practice and repetition, most things can be committed to memory, at least long enough so that with application it can be made part of the permanent memory.

Study, application, study again, using as many your faculties as you can, and in no time you can fill your mind with massive quantities of useful, and as often useless information.

The lesson for today is that of all the things they taught me in school, the method to commit data to memory, and then recall it, at least in the short term, was likely the only one that was truly useful.  Everything else I already knew how to do, I only needed to remember how.


Tuesday, August 09, 2016


Just don't want to go out today, I think I want to stay in.  It's not raining, there's no real reason to not go out.  I just can't find a good enough reason to go out.

Monday, August 08, 2016

Read Today 8-8-16

I have reached chapter 7 of "The Flame and the Arrow: Dark Fantasy Paranormal Romance (The Annika Brisby Series Book 1)" by Emigh Cannaday, Fiona Jayde, and it only seems to get better, though not so much that I can't put it down yet.  I have been reading another book, and that one is taking my interest at the moment, but that only proves this one doesn't have the power to draw me off the other one. 

Still a good read, worthy of the effort so far.  You can start reading it for free:, if you would like to follow along.


Writing for the Children

As things settle out I realise that I need a staff.  The very least is a driver and shotgun, a ma'am for the house, and two private staffers, to work effectively.  I also need a nice young family operate the farm, they should have at least the idea of four or five children, but we can supplant that with woofers for the time being.

Besides an agent, which will probably be a junior lawyer, I will need a lawyer and an accountant, which are services for hire for some, but will have to be retained for me.

All I want to think about is reading and writing, be damned about the rest, that is what the staff is for.  This should have been started several years ago, but my grandchildren will thank me, I can hope.


Expressed Intentionally

I'm expressing myself in the sincere form, without perjury I hope.  It is this true nature of mine, that initially conjures all manner of fantasy as to the intention of my prime directive.  To that I say, let them that hath wit follow, wit not be left behind.


Monday, August 01, 2016

Alone Again, Naturally

Well not really alone, actually I still have friends and lovers, but northing from the industry.  I never did like the industry anyways.

So yup, will be publishing and posting here and everywhere once the book hits the presses on Amazon.  Thank you to all the people who have assisted me along the way, and thank you to anyone who still is with me, for now the journey really begins.


Thursday, July 28, 2016

Agent Roads

As a very impatient type, I guess I will wait one more week to hear from the agent and if I get no response I will crank up the word processor again and reformat the novel for Kindle.

It has been a long trip waiting on agents, and while I appreciate the work they have to do, I am inclined to believe that after a month if they haven't got back to me, the conclusion is going to be less than positive.

I am inclined to think that if it is a piece they absolutely have to have they respond fairly quickly.  Consequently if it is one they want personally write the rejection letter for, they will be quite a while, otherwise they probably send out a standard form rejection to most of the stuff that crosses their desk.

Can't say I blame them, with hundreds maybe even thousands of submissions a week, if the piece doesn't grab them right away, but it isn't so bad they can't get past the first twelve mistakes, well I guess that is why it takes them a couple of weeks to respond.  Since it has been a decent amount of time, I think another week is six weeks, i think it is time to implement plan b, self publish on Amazon.

I won't go into the details of why I was trying to get an agent, but suffice to say that I felt my work was of a quality that it could use the services of an agent.  I sometimes think in my smug self image that it is their loss, but I know they will not lose any sleep over it, and I am tired of losing sleep over it.

I really liked this guy, he really seemed the guy to help me represent my body of work, but I guess like most things, it comes down to doing it myself.

I will of course be posting updates and such once the book is available on Kindle.  Thank you for sharing this journey with me.


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Political Discourse

It is that time of year again, when baseball is all but done, and there is nothing left to talk about but politics.

So let me start right out with, I don't give a shit, though I often find the passions of others entertaining.  I am pretty sure the establishment is well aware of that fact.

Let's start out by saying that politics is a game of money.  At some point you have to admit that fact.  So let's say you put your money on your horse.  You take your 20 dollars, or hundred, I don't care, we are going to say you spend 20 of your hard earned income on your political beliefs. For the sake of argument you support the conservative party.  I don't care really, it could be the libertarian, it even liberal left, I don't care, please try to follow along here.  This is not an attack on anyone or even our political system, just observations of disinterested party.  Mind you I am not apathetic, just deeply cynical.

So you bet on your horse, the conservative party. Now you tell your friends, and encourage them to do the same.  Let's say you have 10 friends.  I am trying to simplify this a little.  So you tell your ten friends, and they put in their 20 bucks, cause they all hang out with you and barbeque on your deck and your children swim in their pools.  Maybe you got that neighbor you love to hate, but we'll get to that.  We were talking about your chummy buddies.  So you all put your money on your horse to win.  Good for you, you are participating in the political arena games.  You think you are the only one with friends?  No maybe even some of your friends have friends that they don't share with you.  Hey you know it's possible.  Whatever, they put in, you put in, lots of people put up their cash, and that amounts to a lot of fuel for your race car team.  How much you really think your vote is worth, you can buy votes, so what do you think it's worth.  I'll come back took that. 

Let's say in total your party gets a million dollars through personal contributions like yours.  While that seems like a bunch of cash to you, to the insatiable apatite of the political machine, that doesn't really account for much.  So the super pack was created, I am not going to go into detail here, but when you want to gain political influence you create a super pack.  Now you can funnel billions of dollars into your horse of choice.  If you don't think that doesn't get notice, well we are never going to get through this.

The super pack is not the end of it though, no far from it.  There are lobbies that can be used to buy influence.  Hell l could go on for quite some time and not even start to get into the dark grey areas of political finance.  Host a dinner, throw a party, a barbeque if you will, invite the money, and of course your horse of choice, or at least one of their top aids, and you've got yourself a senator, or even a president.  They are all for sale, unfortunately you don't have the cash, never will, and even Billy Gates has to play the game, because the people who own everything already own the politicians, and their the ones selling you a dead horse as a yearling and all of you are buying, hook, line and sinker.

Remember I said I was going to get back to that thing about your neighbor, well I will, next time, when I talk about party, and eh you were not given an invitation.

Have fun, see you again next year.


Saturday, June 25, 2016

Free Read Weekend

Here's the link, it will only be active for 24 hours, so check it out if you want.  I haven't added the ending yet, and this is the draft so it is not complete yet.  You can post comments below.

Next week it goes to the agency to be shopped for publication, so this is the only chance to read it before it goes offline.


Friday, June 10, 2016

DDF Update 06-10-2016

Chickens, Dogs, been that kind of day.  Stupid hen, keeps taking her chicks down to the road.  I just get them up by the barn again and the dogs have to go out.  I chase the dogs around the yard and out of the road, and get them back in the house, and the hen decides to venture back to the road with her chicks. It is no wonder I get nothing done.

If I were to put up a fence, that would keep them in for the most part, but it would take more money than I can afford at the moment, and more work than I seem to have time for.  of course it would save time, and it would be safer for the animals, but there still is the issue of the money.  A rough estimate of 100 foot of fencing is about $380.00 per 100 foot.  We would need at least 300 feet of fencing to close in the front of the property.  We would need another 600 feet of fencing to complete the perimeter.  That is a lot of fencing and a lot of cost. So much, that, the money might be better spent investing in a different property.

Really just need to find an agent and sell my book.  If anyone knows of a good agent looking for a new writer, send them my contact info, or send me their's, just as good.


Thursday, June 09, 2016

Bike Truck

Basically what I want to build is a truck from bicycle parts.  If I weld two frames together so they form a trike, and make an axel for the rear, add a hitch put a bench seat on a frame, and extend the rear so it has cargo space, I have a bike truck.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to make it go.  I would like to make the pedals work, especially the gearing, as that would give me a lot of gear ratio for hauling loads.  There is also the idea of an electric motor, maybe in conjunction with some of the gearing.  I am not certain what will work, but I am dam sure it will.

Anyone got some old bikes and a spare welder I can use?


Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Death Do Us Part

Funny, in that way, that we put as much care into death as we do.  I protect you in death in such a way, that had I provided such attentions in life I would not be doing so in death.

Death is for the living, or at least the ceremony with which we revere our closest, do they have no use of this corporeal world any longer.  Such fragile souls they have that last beyond the ends of time and dimension.

I should not care for the dead, let ghost care for their selves, but grief is such a harsh mistress, only a close relative of misery, and for whom we keep careful company.

I am truly sorry, though that is hardly useful to anyone but my own self.

Not at peace today,

Milk of Human Kindness

What is wrong with people?  Yes my puppies should not be in the road, yes I failed my puppy, this I am responsible for.  Why do people have to hit my dogs, run over my puppy and not even stop. I have lost all faith in human kind, I officially hate people and I do not use that word lightly, I hate people.  When I am able, I will exclude myself from these horrible creatures called man, they are without conscience.

I not for which I have done to deserve such treatment, but be it played upon my self rather than the innocents.

Not at peace today

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Done Enough

The first book is though first draft, now the rewrites can begin.  Time to start shopping for an agent, anyone know one that is looking for new work, send them my email thank you in advance.


Saturday, April 30, 2016

Another F day And I'm done

I'm doing this on the tablet, with a stylus, and it's irritating.  Only a little less irritating, than trying to write on without the stylus.

So this will be a short post I'm pretty sure.  I have a bunch of post that I wrote on paper, but they won't make it to the blog until they have better digital paper.

Well that is it, enough, tired of fighting the tablet, so back to Twitter, which these tablets are made for.

Peace out peepholes.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

WP Fail

Well I tried to move the blog to WordPress, but it did not work.  Not only was it nearly impossible to work with, and to do it well you have to use software on a web host, which are extremely expensive.

All that aside that is not why I have come back to blogger rather than tried to slog though the WP world, as it seems all the "pro" bloggers do.  No the reason I came back to blogspot and blogger, is because even though I "connected" my social sites with the WP blog, it did not share them.  Though I have to do the manual thing with blogger as well, at least I get something for it, views.  It isn't much, I usually do not average over 15 views per post, but it is better than nothing, I guess.  After talking so much about enjoying my obscurity, let's face it, even I like a little recognition sometimes.


Proper Fit Fixed (a WP post that wasn't)

I think I like this “Proper Cloth” site, it shows that a proper shirt can be made, but I think it needs to be taken another step. Is it possible to build a “proper suit” site, where you can get a proper fitted suit. There should be some way to do this, virtually. One thing you can not do is take measurements. The customer will have to have measurements done. I think the only way to do this it to have the customer come into a place, or have a tech (fitter) go out to the customer’s location and get the “proper fit” measurements.
Again I am still on the same issues I have with many things like this, it is sort of there, but not quite. The other problem I have with it is the cost. It is just too much, $95.00 for a mixed blend most likely mediocre shirt is just too much. The basic shirt of 50/50 blend should not be any more than $45.00 each, with premium shirts being about $65.00, and really special shirts being no more than $80.00 at the most. Over a $100.00 for a dress shirt is ridiculous, they just are not worth it, especially since you are not really having it tailored properly. Maybe if they sent out a tailor to fit you properly, well that might be different.
Really the tailoring (fitting) should be done as a fee for service (maybe even using local resources), while the shirts are made somewhere, and then shipped, and again fitted if need be, but that would be another fee for service. It would be still expensive, but not any more expensive than the online version, and there would be a higher level of perceived value. It would also increase the amount of local work for local resources, such as tailors and perhaps even creating work for local tailors and seamstresses. By linking local resources, with a network of buyers, it would be possible for people to get the tailored shirts they want at reasonable cost. The network could provide not only network services, but also bulk purchase and warehousing of materials and supplies for the local resources, so that they would have access to high quality materials at discounted cost. They could also obtain finished products based the measurements they have made for the people, or just provide the measurements, and the clients could then purchase products based on those measurements, either from our catalog, or from anywhere, including the “Proper Cloth” site.

Friday, April 08, 2016

How to Destroy the World

We Must Destroy the World to Save It

The first thing is that we have to destroy all cultural identity.  If we are to make any true progress we must first destroy all cultural identity, for only then can be begin to work towards a universal oneness that will bring about forward progression.

As it is right now we all speak different languages.  We will certainly need a singular language, an universal language, one that is understood by anyone, even if they are not from a particular period or space.

We live in a world that is divided by invisible lines, politics, religion, and culture all divide us.  We must break that cultural divide to create a oneness that will allow for actual forward progression of the species.  It is not enough to have a one world order, we must have a universal order, one that is so ubiquitous that it could be recognized even if one was from another galaxy, if that is possible.  We can not have a single religion, we must forego religion all together, for any belief in any form of religion is only going to retard our ability to move forward in a timely fashion.  We can not create a oneness with division along beliefs, and we can not agree to have one belief over all the others, that is oppression, not openness.

The rules of openness are quite simple, one language, one world, one universal law.  Until we can get beyond morality we will not get beyond the need for religion, politics and oppression.

Thursday, April 07, 2016

One or Many in the Audience

Your discourse is amusing at least, though it serves you with no true belief.  You hear not the harmony of your sound, but only the cacophony of your words as they resound on the empty corridors of your platted cavernous walls.

The lights only serve to blind you from the truth that before you lies, is there one or many in the audience, and does that even matter?  While you may not grasp the significance of such questions, they are asked, repeatedly, as you strut upon the stage, and pretend you know for whom you play.  The greater question is there anyone at all, or are you putting on the act for no one, for empty seats?

That can not be, you will most certainly convince yourself of.  There are occasional glimpses of something, but you are unsure what that is.  You are certain you have heard the mumbles of someone who must be, for you look into the arc lights and see shadows, and those shadows must contain some life, for we can not all be upon the stage.

For were you to look upon the grass, are there not so many types of flies, and who would leave so many types of flies to be found, were it not to be found.  Why wonder if wonder not of who would have created this stage, were it not for his or their entertainments.  Were it not for my inquiry would it matter at all, or would you as happily been upon the stage for no one but the director, who has convinced you that the producers are watching?

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Moving Soon to WordPress, Misfortunately

Why I am going to have to migrate to WordPress.

I am going to have to migrate to WordPress because in the last hour I have tried to post two short blog post on blogger, and it has failed to load twice, and had several errors and freezes.  It has come to the point where I also need to move my blogs to their own server, and this is better done with WordPress than with Blogger.  As much as I have liked Google in the past, and have tried like hell to stay with them, the truth is, they are not my cup of tea.  It is like Windows OS, I need to use their OS to play the video games I want to play, but at the end of the day, for most every other thing I do with a computer, I would prefer the Debian OS or some derivative of it.

So now I just have to reload all my previous blog post to the WordPress server which will be set up on my hosted server.  The thing is I have to do this for my own blog, but I also have to do this for all my other blogs, and for my wife's new website as well.  This is going to be a couple of months of work, but what else do I have to do right.

Vice is the Spice of Life, Sometimes

Vice is the spice of life.

While this is not actually or even relatively true, it does seem that way very often.  As I have grown older, the medical professionals have told me to give up more and more.  Sure I had to give up drinking and illegal drugs, they were definitely killing me.  Well more precisely I was killing myself with them, and only very lucky I had not killed some others along the way.  That left me with cigarettes, and coffee.  Now that I am giving up cigarettes, (tobacco) all I will have is excessive coffee drinking, and I get the feeling it will not be long before the medical professionals will be telling me that I need to cut back on the coffee, if not cut it out all together and what will remain of my vices then.

I could maybe consider swearing and some other minor immoral things as vices, but I really can not see myself as a christian monk, so yea, that really is not much to go on.  It seems to me that as I get older, I do not actually die, my mind still reels with ideas and things of imagination, but my body just gives up, or at least that is what the doctors are trying to convince me of.

Last week I went in for an operation, and they removed a tumor from my neck, and found a legion on my lung, whatever that means.  Are they setting me up for cancer, have they marked me for death, they said I was dangerously close to that as the tumor was very large and close to causing a stroke.  I do not see or feel a marked improvement in my health yet, maybe later, but for now, it does not seem better.  In fact with the restrictions they have placed on me until I heal, it is really more like they have taken away most of my ability to work or even to live.  Especially now that they want me to quit everything.

Don't get me wrong, smoking cigarettes for a long time has bothered me, and I have thought, yea, I should definitely quit or at least cut way down, but that does not happen easily, and it is not a one day event for me.  So this will be a battle, I hope to win, but at the same time, because I really have no other vices left, it does seem like there is nothing left for me to hold on to.  Maybe I can start over eating, but I do not think that will work for me, and it would kill me just as quick apparently, so why bother.

I mean really, what is life without at least one vice?

Why Cigarettes Suck

What they need to invent is a device that delivers nicotine to your system that you hold in your hand, and put into your mouth when you want some nicotine, and you can light it with a cigarette lighter.

Oh wait they have that, it is called a cigarette.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

I Must be a Rooster

It is pretty sore, yes, but not as bad as everyone seemed to think it was going to be.  Of course I haven't taken off the bandage, so it probably looks worse underneath that.  It is sometimes hard to swallow food that is not real soft.  Soup seems to be the best thing, though the hamburger wasn't too bad either.  If it were not so cold and wet I might try some ice cream but that just seems to be the completely wrong thing right now in this weather.  It isn't cold enough to snow, but just cold enough and wet enough to be miserable.  We I am not really up to too much right now, just though I would update this.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

An Open Letter to Hulu

Dear Hulu,

If you were truly intuitive you would know that I do not want to watch what you want me to watch.  I pay for the service, but still I am being fed these choices that make no sense at all.  Whatever algorithm you are using it is failing miserably for the user.  I think for your organization, and advertisers it is working well, but for the user, it is abysmal.

First thing, do not ask me to interact with advertising.  Advertising is part of watching television, or radio, or even print, it has been around for ages, and it is accepted.  I was brought up with television advertising, so I am used to it, and it does not even bother me that I am paying for a service platform that has advertising, that is no different than cable television.  So okay I get that you have to have advertising, but never ever ask me to interact with advertising.  Whatever demographic you percieve me to be in, I am not in the one that interacts with advertising.  Advertising for my generation is a break from the program, where we can go get coffee or some more snacks, or whatever.  We might even talk about the show during the ads, or let the dogs out, so it is useful, but do not be sitting there asking me to interact with an advertisement, it insults us.  I have used your platform since its introduction into the US and I try hard to like it, to accept it, and it, on the surface, seems like a good option to cable, as I despise cable, but you are really not learning very fast.  You still try to make me watch programs I would never ever watch, and you still continue to get me to interact with tv, tv is not an interactive media, stop trying to be something you are not.  Provide good service and people will not only like your service, they will promote it organically.

Here is how I promote your service to my friends.  If you are looking for a low cost alternative to cable, that gives you about half of what you want, and will be not quite as irritating as cable, then Hulu is a good option, but so is the Netflix or Amazon or any of the other half assed options to cable television.  I would like to say, yea Hulu is the best service provider on the web, but I can not, because you do not seem to really work to use the technology to understand the user, or provide service that is truly tailored to the user, even though I have been using your service for years, you still do not seem to have my tv habits figured out.  Your database algorithms are apparently flawed at best.

However do not feel alone in this, no other service gets it right either, not even Google or Amazon, though Amazon does hit a little more often than any other.  I have used the Google platform and products since they were available, and submitted my data to them since they started collecting data, you would think by now they would know me better, yet they still present advertising to me that is completely unrelated to me in any way.  I get it that they are being paid, as your organization is as well I am sure, to promote certain things, but after years of using a service, like Google, and even participating in surveys, and user studies and beta programs, you would think they would have me figured out.  Nope, not quite, really not even close, but what can be expected from a service that puts profits first and customer service maybe third or forth on the list of things they want to achieve.  You want me to buy the stuff you are promoting, make sure you are promoting stuff I want to buy.  I am not easy to please, I get that, I do not buy a lot of stuff, and I am not a good consumer, especially of medical and healthcare, which is high paying clients, and yet I have no need of them.  That is fine though, I am used to that, just do not ask me to interact with it, and please try to ensure that the ads are clean, at least as far as their code is concerned.  Do not blame me when your advertising breaks because it is not clean coded or uses so much bandwidth that it breaks drops my network, make it work, and I won’t have to write letters like these.

I could go on in detail about a hundred other things, but I am pretty sure you get the idea, learn more about the user and then use that data to tailor the experience and you might have something, otherwise if you are just going to collect user data and still ignore their habits and request as presented by their choices and behaviors, well then why waste the head space and computing power to have a database in the first place.

Thank you for trying anyways to be some alternative to regular television.  You have missed the mark by a lot, but at least you tried, and for that I guess I will continue to suffer your platform and pay the price, in the hopes that someday your service will deliver on your promises.

Cordially yours;


Thursday, February 25, 2016

Watching the Porn Go By

While in the 1970’s they might have developed the idea of sex, drugs and rock and roll, it was in the 1980’s that it actually came to be.  1980’s was porn, pure unadulterated porn, the whole decade, all the movies, all the advertising, everything was porn.  The fruit of the 1960’s generation, the 1980’s was the decade of porn, of this there is no doubt.

Sure today many of the woman on screen wear less, parade their sex more, and in music it is the younger you look, and the more you look like you are having sex on stage, the better, but that was all there in the 1980’s also.  What we see now on the stage, what we see now is the product of the children of the 1980’s expressing what they were fed on TV, on screen, in books, in schools, in their lives every where they went, they are expressing their version of the porn they were bottle fed from the very beginning.  Their expression is without style though, it is as hollow as the advertising and media that brought it about in them.  They do not know why they are expressing themselves, they do not have the background that the 1980’s had, they had the second millennium, the time of now, which is empty without grounding, no history, they did not have the 1970’s to show them the way to the door.

That was the decade of progress, the 1970’s.  It showed the children of that decade how to do what the 1960’s promised with the style and flare that today the children of the 1980’s and 1990’s lack.  They just do not have that history.  History is cheap now days.  It is sold like any other product.  Niche marketed to the people who already know it.  They do not bother to package it for the new generations, because for them history is dead, it is gone, the past, and they are in the now, and failing miserably to figure out why.

So while we all masturbate on the now, looking for some type of glimpse into the future, we have forgotten the past that led us here, and therefore there is no future, and that is why our future looks so bleak.  It is not that we are or are not headed into a bleak future, but that we do not remember what was, and since we have no comparative compass, we are blindly moving into a future we can not even guess at.  There is nothing scarier than the unknown, and when we do not have that compass, we do not know in which direction we head.  This makes us scared, and almost anyone with a good grasp on the history, and the future can use that, and we will follow whatever leader comes along.

So do not be surprised if the next leader emerges soon, to take us into the new world, we are manifesting them right now, with our fear and ignorance, as we have in the past, and most likely will in the future, at least as long we continue to ignore the history of what and who we are, and how we got here in the first place.



Monday, February 22, 2016

Real Games in Life

The trouble with the real world versus video games is there is no real consequences.  In the real world if someone runs over my dog there is no real consequence.  Nothing equivalent anyways.  I can't just shoot them, that is a bit much, but what can I do.  Sure they can buy me another dog maybe if they are the type, but that dog is not the same as the dog they killed now is it.  It is sort of but not quite like if I shoot your child, I can maybe give you another child, but it is not the same child now is it.  I am not trying to say that dogs are as valuable as children, or that they are not, it is just that you can not replace a living thing with another living thing and have it be the same.

If you break my TV, or I break your snow shovel or something like that, compensation is quite simple, buy a new snow shovel of equal or better value, and maybe compensate by offering to help shovel your step or something, or help install the TV, you get the picture.  Simple clean and really not that hard to deal with.  If you steal my stuff, and I know it, I should be able to go to your house, and demand it back, if you do not give me satisfaction, well I can just steal it back, and maybe some of your stuff as well for compensation.  Yea I can go to the authorities, but unless they are particularly bored that evening, and you have all the paperwork done for them, they will be of no use.  So maybe I go there, and attempt to take my shit back, and you are like no way, this is my shit, and we get into an argument.  If it leads to violence, well that is a different thing.  There are a bunch of other things I can do, but the truth is, if I suspect you are going to be less than amicable about the exchange, I might bring some friends with tools, just to be sure you are more compliant.  This will lead maybe to a feud, but that is how things go, or maybe not, that is how they used to go, now it is all in the courts, which rarely work for anyone.

In video games I would just kill you, take my shit and walk away, because neither of us are real, and we do not care about anything anyways.  You can always start over, but what if you could not.  What if once your character died that was it, you could not play that character again.  Well you could have another character, but that means starting over with no stats and character build, and well you get the picture.  Some people invest a lot in their character, and well, if they could not just reboot the character, well they might think twice about the consequences of their actions even in video games.  There would have to be more diplomatic solutions to disputes, we might have to agree to terms, and see if we could talk it out, make a trade, that sort of thing.  This is a dynamic that is lacking in video games.  Get rid of the restart, the reload, and you might find games are automatically more realistic even with out all the immersion mods.  Think about a game like Skyrim, if you put 20 hours into building your character through the first few levels and then get killed because you carelessly dispatched someone else, who you did not know personally, but they had connections to the thieves guild, well those assassins might just be more significant, especially if they acted like real assassins not just damage sponges.  What if they poisoned your wine, or came for you while you were sleeping, that sort of thing.  You see where this could be headed.  A video game that had real consequence, especially one that was played online, and maybe that character you just killed thinking you were some type of bad ass had lots of friends, and they came after you, you might have to think twice about what you did.  Maybe that is the same as real life.  If you ran over my dog, and I sent my friends to your house late at night to kill your dog, and left his body on your doorstep for your children to see first thing in the morning while they were headed off to school, maybe you might think twice about hitting dogs just because it is a little less convenient for you to slow down a little.

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Really Bad Hair

The weather today is cold with a light dusting of snow, but I don't really care because I am inside, and have a good fire going.  Right now I am going to smoke some coffee and drink some cigarettes, and maybe play a few hours of Skyrim, because I just am tired of all the bullshit I see going on out there.

What is wrong with you people?  I sit here in my wooden chair, looking at the videos of these people, and you all are watching them, and they live their lives, and you through them, I have to wonder what is it with you all.  I just do not get humans I guess, so the hell with it, believe in your god, live like an idiot, believing someday you will fulfill your dreams while going even deeper in debt.  Apparently you did not do the math, or whatever, I am done with this.

Peace Out

Monday, January 18, 2016

Daily Bread

So much to do, trying to tick it off a list, including this post, which takes time from the other things.

Edit sound file for Skyrim, clean the living room (again), put the water on so I can do the dishes, make bread, and the list goes on and on.  Well at least the animals are already fed, and the fire is going like it should be, though I still have to get in at least two loads of wood yet, three would be even better.  I got one puppy up online, there are still three others.

I will write more later if I find the time.  Man I need a car!