Saturday, December 19, 2015

Writer Not Chatter

I am a writer, not a chatterer, so when it comes to doing video, I just do not seem to know what to say.  Words flow like honey wine from my fingers, but I do not seem to have anything to say when I turn the camera on.

I can operate the camera fine, I have no issues with the operations of the camera, but  I guess seeing myself in the camera just freezes me up somehow.  I used to perform publically in poetry readings, but that was on a stage I guess, and I was always reading my poems, never actually reciting them, except a few times here and there.  I wonder that if I can not see myself it that would be better.  I do not know because I have never tried it.  When I get the tripod for the new camera, I guess I can try some video work, because I will not be able to see myself, maybe I will be able to do better.

I think I could play guitar on video, if only I actually knew how to play guitar.  So here I am writing, and thinking, yea, how do I make videos when I can not seem to make videos.  Well at least I can write about it.