Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Social Engineering Media

We certainly are social creatures, that is why social media, and social engineering work so well with us.  It really shows in our use of religion, but that is a subject for another day all together.


Monday, December 07, 2015

What Truth is Being

What knowledge have I of certain things, that come in passes, visions and glances, not to be dismissed, but believe them will I, for what origin have they been given?

This solemn thought, and sober care, for is it not that I have given air, but to the views that come from it, as thought is truth, and manifest, if only for the briefest of moments.

And I am but the channel through which symbols form upon the stage, arranged in such arrangements as they take, for now am I but the thought, and vision of another, for corporeal I do not know myself to be, but for the notice given me.

Only this, is what I see, when presented with the evidence of the human being.

Time and Time Again, Remember

There is something so rare and beautiful about a relationship that you do not realize often without the means for discovery.  Most people will never know a meaningful relationship, they will only realize the loss of one.  This is condition of beauty, of love, of truth, it only bears fruit we know not that we eat until it is gone.  This is the condition of humans, they only recognize the loss, or at least most of them.

We have poets and painters, and yet we know not of other than suffering, for it is only through this that we feel the essence of our creation.  After all the suffering and pain has subsided, all that remains is beauty and love, but we humans know this in loss, most often.

How strange these mortals be,