Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Science, Politics, and Religion, Brothers in Arms

Science is the new religion, for what is science but the obfustication of the natural world around us through complication.  Do not be deceived by the seeming openness of science, it is as monitored and coopted as religion, and just as controlled by the same families.

To maintain their hold on the populace, they will stop at nothing to persuade all that what you see is what you are, but the truth is rarely so mystical.  There is no mystery here, only existence, and that is fleeting and fragile at best.


I fell asleep last night thinking; what if we could reach a point that we create a black hole, or some other devastating creation, that in the blink of an eye did not only destroy our own existence, but that of the entire universe.  Wouldn't that be wonderful, the crowning achievement of the species of earthlings, that had the most potential for creation, destroyed all of the universe, including quite likely any other life that may in it be contained.  It would be the evidence of our self destructive nature, but it would also wipe away all evidence of our existence, and therefore we would never know.  Would that not be the funniest joke, that we would not know the punchline to the final joke, for we would cease to exist in the same instant as the creation of the new universe we so desperately wish to create, as it would be created out of the destruction of our current one.

I am reminded of that old sage advice, be content with your self as you are, for that is all there is, and that is the key to happiness, and all that.  Yet we are always trying to find that thing that created us, and when we find it, it will destroy us.  That is irony at its best.  I will most likely never live to even know that we are close, but it certainly does seem like we are getting closer.  If we tear a rift in time, if we bend space and travel to a distant galaxy that would be cool.  If we destroy all of the universe, that would be the ultimate achievement, for in that moment we would be the creators.  How awesome is that?

Two Princes

Something still bugs me about the videos I have recently watched.  They interpret religion to be a hidden astrology.  This for the most part I do not disagree with.  It is easy enough to believe this as any other rationale for religion, which is oppressive in any form whatsoever.  Still astrology does not answer one question, how is it that we have come to this point, and have changed so little.  I am left empty from the answers that are from the empty space that continues to fill with useless chatter.  Each one trying to gain purchase on the other, science has no answer, nor does blind faith in any mythology, nor does insight, except that which one can divine for oneself in brief moments of clarity.

It tumbles in my head, these ideas, these presentations, each one an agenda by the orator, to climb above the chatter, when the answer should be as simple as the natural order.  The human being has placed themselves just outside that order, to touch chaos, to know the creative force, and it has left its scars upon us.

There are two states of being, two states of matter, two states of energy, and all of them are within the states of order or chaos.  Order remains constant, never changing, chaos is flux, always creating, or destroying, however you look at it.  The cycle exist because we are necrotic, born to die, and from that death provide, while living we are not solid matter, but between matter and energy, as they fight for dominance, we lose, for matter will return to energy and energy will settle to matter, and we are helpless to organize that cycle of nature.  We may well attempt to put order to chaos, but that is as ridiculous as any blind faith, and will only lead to obfustication.

I am an observer of nature, examining it for it nature, and realizing I am not as significant as I was once made to believe.  Nature has no need of us, we are not the stewards of the natural world, we are an accident of recombinations of molecular energy and matter, and yet nothing has shown that would indicate we are less than we are.  No new evolutionary gains have been made, for chaos must have lost its hold, and to gain it will destroy that which we are.  We are young, too young to know the truth of existence, for it is older than us, much older, and has come and gone, time and again, and our time is short, even now, as it winds down, what comes after will not be known to us, for we will no longer know order but only the silence of empty abyss.  We will not know our usurpers for they will not know us, if at all they even find evidence, for they will have to look for it, and they may not, for they could as easily be giants that have no mythology, care not for the mystery, and only exist for the sole purpose of reproduction.

If tomorrow you do not wake up, if it all ceases to exist in a moment, what would it mean?  Have you ever wondered if there is no tomorrow, what does that mean for today?  How do we live like there is no tomorrow, when for all these years and millennium there always has been?  If we know the event of our demise, if we know the horizon of our end is near, we can prepare in some way, live a life of careless abandon, for tomorrow will not arrive as scheduled.  If we do not know, we are left with plans undone, adventures not ventured, roads not taken, but we are unaware, and when there is no tomorrow, we will not know the end is today.  What will remain?

While I can not say for certain, I can say that matter and energy will continue to war against each other, as order and chaos are the results of that play, and we are helpless to organize nature, though we strive to find our place, it is a state of being, somewhere between matter and energy, and it will forever be that way.  It gives me a peace I can not explain to realize that we are but children all our days, and that even if we exist another two or three millennium, at some point we will cease, and the natural order will continue, without us, for it needs us not, and chaos will create a new thing from the destruction that awaits us, or is brought upon us by even our own selves.

Child Man

I sometimes wonder, but no then I stumble, and fall, and wonder no more, for there is nothing to wonder about.   It seems that I have not forgotten that inebriation, that giddy child, when I know he is dead, left for dead, for there are bills to pay, accounts to balance, and oracles to consult.  Herein lies the query, the jest, as we age, there is no better teacher than our own mirrors, as they grow, and we must confront ourselves again, or watch a life again be snuffed out.