Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Dogs Do What Comes Natural Naturally

How long before you slip into the comma that is comfortable and sirene?  How much must you see of what is before you, before you start to disbelieve.  Is there something I can get you that will pacify your fears?  Would you feel so much better now, if the time were past, and you were no longer uncertain of what was coming.

You know you are passive, reacting to your environment.  That there are those that know this as well, and have used that to their advantage.  Oh, yes, I say monsters do exist, they are inside everyone of you, and with just the right conditions, even the most passive aggressive will find it in themselves to destroy the illusion, they worked so hard to build.

Ah, but yet I realize your fears will keep you sane.  This is what you do to prevent yourself from getting burned.  When that fails you take the heat to heart, and hope you survive another day.  It is only a matter of time after all before we all pass away.  To know this insignificance is far too close to the truth for most to let it lay.

Another ride on the carousel, just another habit you do not want to break.  It will be okay, you tell yourself, for if you do not, the days will wind down too quickly, and you will not remember the times you were righteous.  You will certainly take credit though for those times you were certain you were right in hindsight.

Unfinished thanks to dogs...