Friday, August 28, 2015

Super Funky Junk Drawer

So hey now what is going on out there in the real world. I have been so long here behind this screen, that I am not sure what is happening and what is just internet cream. I live in this virtual world now, with flashes of the real, when I go out to the store once in a while, but most times I see nothing but the same old rhythm and blues.

I remember years ago, when I was not so cold, I used to shout about the boot stomping hypocrites and politicos. I incited the kids of the day to go out into the streets and take back their neighborhoods. This was a reaction to a bunch of shootings that occurred on S. Colvin Street back when I was just a babe of 24 years of age. I was writing full time, and had a small music production business (we did not find much worth producing then, bad timing), so I was deeply involved in the arts of the area, and in reading poetry whenever I could get away with it. Those were the days my friends, I thought they would end in my demise, but it turns out I am still alive, well living, sometimes I wonder how alive I really am.

The Sheep Afield
I see the sea of crap that surfaces on the web, I do not even bother with the local news, it is all too much fluff and circumstance, and wonder is it really that bad out there in the real world. Where I live now I am insulated from most of the crap, it is a small community, with very little going on. So I listen to the fear and loathing from the pundits of the blogosphere and wonder is it really as bad as they say. My twitter is full of doom and gloom, yet tech companies continue to innovate, why if the society were just about to implode would they even bother with such investment, if they did not have hope.

Maybe the old guard of the military industrial complex are desperately trying to hang on to the world of wars and psychopaths, I do not know it might not end well, if old men still run around in their underwear swearing they are the rulers of the world. I do not know the outcome of this, I just know that whatever is happening, I am I guess blissfully unaware. Maybe I have fallen too far into cynicism to even care. Whatever the case may be, I think it is time I took a step outside these walls, and from behind this screen, and went a little further than the barn, so maybe I can see what is really out there. Ah, but I really think it would be more of the same old shoot’em up and same old song and dance.


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

On Man's Belief, one of many

This is a comment on a blog I read recently, Daily Grail, which dealt with the "Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn", an old order magical cult which gathered much of the early mystic text into a single order.  It is a piece to the entire puzzle that is religion, magic, cultism, and man.  The reason I began this post with this comment is because it demonstrates the point many people make, that there is a group or groups of people who are controlling the world, or at least society anyways.

Or the major string pullers and troublemakers would like the general population to think the "elites" have occult powers and that "it is futile to resist." They nurse several such psyops in civil media - another one is that they can inject thoughts into our brains with cell phone towers. As an orgoniteer I know full well the neurological damage being done inadvertently with such electropollution, but I seriously doubt they have to the capability to "control our minds" above and beyond just being able to increase anxiety though such means. However, the psyop is that they can "control our minds" - yet another variation of "it is futile to resist."
The big brother NSA meme is another - publicly busting the NSA's universal surveillance scheme was positively something that had to be known by everyone for its real intention to take effect - "it is futile to resist." Had Snowden not come along they would have found another Snowden. The real value is not intelligence gathering - it is reducing the populace to a state of fear and futility.
I have found in my study of such things, that in the past there was the desire to know such things.  That there is the potential for someone to rule this world, is rather ambitious to say the least.  Still I know of such things, and wonder is there something to this theory, or is it just as vaporish as the basis on which it is based.  I can not find the ancient text that establishes the first echoes of religion, or denies its existence.

I can not travel to far away lands to discover new old wonders.  I am given only second hand words, and they may be just as fallible as that which is present to the least observant.  As I continue from a much earlier time, when the damage was still fresh, I wonder at the wonder of humans, when the truth is easily at hand.  There seems to me no need for gods, as it might have once been  Though I suspect that gods were made not to explain as is the common knowledge, but to instill fear, so that fearful people will remain.  For fear is the motivation of the men who preach of gods and fairies.

That magic exist, is perhaps too simple, for it is evident in the nature of all things.  Perhaps not the mystery that one desires, where desires exist and provide the fuel for creation, but in the ordinary and mundane, for it is there that wonder is discovered.  As one wise man once said, "chop wood, carry water, mystical action, magical power".  From this can be derived the full extent of all that is needed for true magic to happen.  All one needs is work, for the work is all that one needs, for the action is the power, and the accomplishment thereof the satisfaction of the mystery