Friday, August 21, 2015

Pictures Please

I think I am going to post some pictures later with my post, so I can share with everyone including those that follow me on pinterest, as well as just to work on my picture editing skills.

In Spite of Human Being

In the world there is magic.  Not the type that you would think of, that type where you perform some spell and you get something in return.  I do not discount that type of magic, for it is around us, be it positive thought, prayer, wishing, or any of those types of things, you put enough effort towards something, and willing to make the necessary sacrifices and it is likely you will get what you want.  What I am referring to is the type of magic that is, and all you have to do is notice it.

You could call it wonder, you could call it many things, but it is all around us, and we have to but take notice for it to unfold before your very eyes.  We tend to look at things from the perspective of how we can use the world around us.  What value has the land, the trees, the fruits and the nuts, for our own purposes, without realizing that they are not for us, but for the purposes of reproduction of the species.  This escapes us, for we are far too focused on purpose for our own personal gains.  Even when we help someone else, it is usually so we can feel better about ourselves.

This world is not separate from us, it is as much for us humans as it is for the birds and the squirrels.  Yet we continue to see things as we are the makers, when we are the made, and until that changes, we should take the time to see that we are but one of many millions of things that exist not for us, but in spite of us humans in this world.

Hey, I mean we have conquered much of this world, haven’t we.  We domesticated wild dogs, and sheep, and goats, and cats (maybe) and tamed the wild oats so we could have breakfast cereals, and all manor of things that seem to be by our own hands.  By what definition do we consider domestication, I can tell you that it is a very tenuous current we ride, in a matter of minutes past our time, all that we have done will be wiped away and buried beneath the shifting sands of time.

Ah but man’s importance is paramount, it takes precedence over all the natural world.  If that were true, there would be no use for the millions of other creatures, what are those, mere entertainments for our idle minds.  There is a true issue with the patriarchal society that sees things as man vs nature, for there is no competition in nature, it is only exist or not, and what is and what is not, is not of consequence, even man himself.

So if you are feeling down and out, feeling insecure… just hope there is intelligent life somewhere out in space, because there is nothing like that here.

Granted that is not the line exactly from Monty Python’s “The Meaning of Life” but it is an accurate paraphrase of it, a little more fitting of the world in which we live.

I know some people will talk of intelligent design, like they can elevate the god myth to modern times.  While I will agree there are holes in evolution’s theory, it fits a bit better than the belief in bronze age gods.  I give a bit of credit to the power of faith, it has its place, and when amplified by hundreds it does seem to work much better.  Like when you raise a barn, if you are alone it is possible, but much easier and quicker when you have a hundred friends along for the ride.

Do not discount the human achievements, they are greater than they may be perceived.  We have somehow engineered our own demise, though it was not intentional, and certainly not what I would call intelligent design.  We have learned of thousands of way to kill each other, for whatever ill conceived rationale we can perceive.  We are not through yet with the wars and hate, so it is likely that we will at least succeed in creating our own extinction, and for that we are unique as far as I can tell in nature.

Each and everything that exist has purpose, though for the life of me I can not see what purpose human’s have in the grand scheme of things.  Why should we have evolved to this degree, only to succeed in the destruction of the self, be it through our emotional distresses, or our need to end each others lives.

Our desires for the others, to have what we do not, is likely the worst disease we have yet to find a vaccine for, and it is likely we will not.  For we do not see this greed as something that is part of our genes, and I have to agree that it is likely it is not.  Still it is learned from the earliest of ages that we must strive to overcome our plight, and be something we are not.  All the while we are living an illusion, a lie we tell ourselves, that we are more important that we really are.

Be it our internal drive to survive, or is it just a tale we are told that allows us to hold ourselves in the highest place, because the fear would consume us if we did not.  We are balanced on the edge of fear, for if we were not so brave and bold as we are, we would not have gotten this far I am afraid.  It is this bravado that has made us, and it will be the same that will be our un-making one day.

Until then, remember this, we are human after all, we live and die, and bleed and cry, and in the end, we are nothing more than the food for generations of myths that have yet to be created.

Two Worlds Apart

I am caught between two worlds, one is the future world of technology, and all the wonder it creates, and the second is the natural world and the wonder that it is.  I know that these two worlds are not exclusive of each other, but they are not inclusive of each other either.

While I marvel at the simple beauty of the natural world, and wonder where the magic is, I can not help myself thinking that it is the old world, and the new world is not a natural world.  The new world is a world of things, man made things, and to some degree this includes food.  Why is it so wrong to think that we can create our own food from elements and not have any connection to the source material.  What is the truth behind genetic engineering of nutritive materials.

There seems to be this transition between the new and old world right now, like we are on the edge of going over to a new age, an age of the future, where even our food is replicated, not made from the natural world, but from synthesized copies of the natural articles.  While on one hand this is not something I would want for myself, on the other hand, I am getting older and will all too soon be gone from this world, and my grandchildren will have to make that decision, so I wonder will it make any difference.

I hear the cries of the people of my generation, how the large corporations are poisoning us, destroying our world, but are they?  Are they really destroying our world, or remaking it, in a different form, maybe not better, maybe it is different, and we all know different is scary.

Human evolution is a slow progression, and yet we are near a point where we may be able to see the next version of the human species.  While the humans that are dependent on food and water still exist, perhaps the next version will thrive on something else, something created in a lab, that will sustain us without the need for the natural world.  There will be pain in this transformation, but who is to say it will not be better, certainly not I.

I cling to the old world, and marvel at the potential of the new world.  I wonder about the potential of the new world, a one world government, a single world order, where there is no political boundaries.  I think about this “Brave New World” and know that I am not part of it, I am a part of the old world, barely able to grasp the concepts of the new world, only to see it from the fringes.  The new children, the children of our grandchildren, they may know no other world, they may know the new world as it is, and our world will be as distant as the ancient world is to us.

They will marvel at our accomplishments, and wonder how it is that we ever were able to accomplish all that we did, with wars, and without the technological advances that to us seem distant, but to them will seem commonplace.

Maybe you can not imagine a new world, maybe it is too horrible for you to contemplate.  For me it is a wonder, as much as the natural world is today.  While it is easy to think about flying cars, and the stuff of your wildest dreams, what would seem difficult to imagine is the things that seem so common to human beings, things like food, water, air, and shelter.

Of course for this new world to fully exist, it must by definition destroy the old world,  There must be a period where there is no world, where we exist but as small population of beings that are different from our ancestors, unlike them, but sharing some common traits, just enough that we could recognize them, but not so much that we would know who they are.  We may be slowly coming to that point, to the place where even creating new humans is not done the “natural” way.  Where we do not choose our children, but that they are made, created in a place that specializes in the creation of humans.  I have thought about this, for many years, even when I was just a young boy I thought of such things.  Beyond the idea of creation, there is the idea of creation of ourselves in the image of ourselves, only different, maybe better, maybe not, it is too hard to know that right now.  All I know is that if we are on the verge of the “New World” there is not too much we can really do about it.  We can continue to cling to the bronze age mythological world, where we wonder how does the rain or wind or fire work, or we can move on from that to a new world where we wonder not of natural things, but of marvels of our own creation.

We are after all the gods we created, we are the makers of our myths, and so too we can be the makers of our realities, even if we do not recognize the results, maybe they will recognize in us the value of our works, and thereby know that we created them, or at least the foundation from which they are now standing.  Maybe they will see us as barbaric, savages, and such, sacrificing cattle for our base desires, while they are perfectly satisfied to exist on chemicals and nutrients created in the labs.  It is hard to predict what will be a thousand years from now, or even twenty, though we have a better idea of that than we do of true long term.  While our world is dying, maybe with help from our actions and decisions, what comes of it may be a better world, or maybe it will just be nothing, and maybe we will cease to exist at all, the next thing might not be human at all, but that remains to be seen.

Still I cling to this world as we know it, or more so, as it was once known.  I thrive on the farming life, simple, natural, and without the clutter of technology.  I know that I am not the new world, but I do not concern myself with that.  I love my world as it is, mostly, though it is true that I feel threatened by the coming of the new age sometimes, I also know it does not matter, it is coming, with or without me.  I know that the long winter between will not be pleasant for those that break on through to the other side.  It will be a long dark period of nothing, before we get through the harsh realities of leaving the old world and entering the new world, but when we do, I believe just as we have very little connection to the ancient world, they will have very little connection to us, except as stories that they will likely misinterpret as easily as we do the ancients today.  Though I am old world, I can see the value of either world, and the wonder of both, and I wonder, will I live long enough to glimpse the edge of the new world?  Unlikely, but even if I do not, maybe I can think about it, and know that someday, someone will maybe find that I thought about their world, and though I had nothing to do with it, at least I had the imagination and bravery to think, what will it be like, even if it does mean the end to my world.