Friday, July 03, 2015

Music is the Sound of the Universe

Fill your ears with music, it matters not what it is, as long as it is true to you.  There is no greater grace there by that I go, as to know the beauty of music so profound.  As the true talent seems to be fading away, perhaps the future holds even greater promise.

While the mind is filled with music it can not receive errors, it must listen to the music that fill the ears.  I need little, but music is one thing I can not live without.  Perhaps they can take all the music away, but my memories will suffice, if they must.  All the world becomes more beautiful when filled with the sound of music.

Please let me go gentle into the the goodnight, as my time will come, all too soon I am certain, but I will go easy to this sleep if but to hear the universe for the tune that must hum within the stars.

While there is better music than some, and I have my issues with modern music, mostly the lack of talent that seems to be, I still realize that if nothing else it is at least music in some respect.

Let the music take away the hurt and the pain, wash away the hard toil of the day.  Sometimes I listen and it takes the silences between songs to make me realize that there is something out there, larger than me.  It is silenced, the moments when the music is not, and the only sound is the beating of your own heart.

Please let the movements take away this silence, and bring the light of a new day to my eyes, in the beautiful light of sunshine.  Another day, and now I am on to that what another day may bring.  Do you hear the sound of the fury that comes from the absence of simple beauty.  Look around you what do you see, is it more than you can describe, that is the truth of simple beauty, stripped of the illusion of reality.