Friday, June 12, 2015

Random Jaunt Through Tired Eyes

I am so frigging tired, I can barely hold my head up to write this.  I have been writing other things mostly in the mornings, before starting to work.  Now with the approach of summer weather, it may be better that I should work in the morning, and then write in the afternoon.  The trouble is that I have lately not got much sleep, and with this and the stresses we have been through recently, it has been hard to sleep well.  Last night I slept well, but got up too late, so much of the day was gone before I could even get started.

Still I have had some time to think about things, because often I have to sit and watch the sheep while they graze outside the fence.  So much idle time provides me with insight sometimes on things I observe, and while I have written about them on paper, I have not as yet committed them to the blogs.  This is something I should do soon, but for now, I am really just writing this to try and keep myself awake.  Now why would I do this, and publish it to the blog, well that is simple, because it is a process, by which that if I keep writing this nonsense, eventually I will have produced something interesting, or that is the theory anyway.  That is if my fingers do not give out before that happens, as using this laptop keyboard tends to make my hands numb, and therefore my fingers stop functioning properly, and I make more mistakes than I can stand, and have to stop.  Which is also another reason for my writing on paper with pen rather than on the computer.  I am going to have to find one of my USB keyboards, so I can write longer,  I will not go on about that any longer, and soon I hope to have a Logitech Wave wireless keyboard, as this laptop has very few USB ports, and with the mouse in one, that leaves only one other port for all my other input devices.

Enough whining now, on to something else, what else, well I really do not know.  I am almost out of coffee, and I do not have much water even though it has been raining now for days it seems.  It did not rain yesterday, but we had to walk to town to buy some things, like some parts for the pump so we could get a reliable supply of water.  Right now I am waiting on the making of rosin flux made from pine tar and alcohol.  I tried to use lard at first, and while this will work with the low temperature lead solder, it does not work with the higher temperature silver based solder.  Once that is done I can make the two solder joints, and then begin to prepare the pump for installation into the well house, or at least the place where the well house will eventually will be.  Then we should have a good supply of fresh water from the well, which we can use for everyday use.  I still want to get a filter built, but for now I think it will do, as long as it does not seem too toxic.  I guess I should get it tested at some point, just to know what is in the water, but for now, if I feel it is a biological issue, I can always boil it, as long as it looks clean, boiling it will kill 90% of all the other pathogens.

Well that is it for now, the rain has stopped for a bit, and I have laundry to do, steak to cook, and water to boil for dishes.

Thank you for stopping by, and won't you please come back again.