Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Not at Peace with Tech

Warning ridiculous rant coming in this post!

I am done with this bullshit software.  I am not logging in to another site, if I have logged in once, that should do it, if your algorithm can not handle security better than that, then do not penalize me.  If I use a different device, my laptop or my tablet and I have used them before do not ask me to log in, I am done with that.  If you ask me to log in, I am done with the service, I do not need your shit.

The other thing is that if I am doing something, I do not care what else you are processing, as the user, I am the only thing that matters, therefore focus should remain with what I am requesting.  If I move my cursor, follow it, wait for me to do something, do not change my focus, do not insert windows, do not send alerts, unless I am not doing something.  I have four fucking cores on this thing, you would think at this point in computing they could at least devote one core to user input and paying attention to user actions.  Do not tell me about intelligent software, give me completely idiotic software then, one that waits for my input and does not try to help me, since it is absolutely not helping me.

Well I have said enough, I still have more anger, but I will take that out on the Facebook techs in a few minutes when I write them a not so nice letter to their techs.

Oh and do not get me started on security, that is a whole other subject.  One thing, machine code, it is hardwired into the device, it can not change, not rocket science, stop being stupid.

Not at Peace