Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spirit Mind as 1

As time goes on I realize that it has been a lot of mind, and very little spirit that has gotten us where we are.  However the advances have mostly been those of the spirit, and it is when we use mind that we maintain, and often lose, albeit at less rate than if we lose spirit.

I think a lot about God, gods, and all the trappings of various religions, and they all have their trappings, but even with the most sublime of them, they fall short of the mark.  They try to order chaos, which is about like trying to make water go uphill.  Yes it is possible to make water go uphill, but is it really worth it.  With the exception of a well, which is of course an uphill climb for water, is it really worth the effort to go against the flow of water?

I have not allowed the spirit to move me of late, it has all been in the head.  While to be truthful it is all in your mind, the heart has no function but to pump blood (water), there is something to the literary sense of heart, that is moves you, like a song.  It is nearly impossible to write this with so much bs happening around me, so I will leave it at that, and try to get back to this subject another day.

For now...