Wednesday, March 04, 2015

New Blog Anouncement

For quite some time I have written on this blog, maintaining a certain decorum, if you want to call it that.  Well that is about to end.  I should say, that actually it about to end, but not on this blog, this will continue to my main blog for general stuff and light headed observations, but I do have a blog on blogspot that has sat dormant for a while, and it is going to get brought back to life, as a no holds barred blog taken on whatever I think I need to say without apology, without consideration for what it might mean to others, or to me, it sometimes just has to be what it is.

So I will post the link here once, once I get the blog ready, and then from then on, it will be on its own, so if you want to follow it, that will be the best time.

Thank you for hanging with me, and hope to hang out some more.