Saturday, January 24, 2015

Good Ideas and Time

I do not know if there is a more dangerous statement than "it seemed like a good idea at the time".  Not just pertaining to governments, though that is usually where it is most often used and most often the most devastating, but even in our own lives, it can be as damaging.  It is right up there with "I'm sorry", and other such statements.

While there are certainly some genuine people out there that have had many of those times, and they really are regretful for the consequences of their previous actions, it does not negate that in almost every case, it only demonstrates a lack of forethought.  You can can worry things, but worry is not the same thing as forethought.  It is not planning, or fear based, it is thinking, thinking, what will this do for my grandchildren.  That is simple to do, takes almost no time at all, and if it turns out that the risk is not worth the reward to your grandchildren, well it is not probably worth the effort or risk to you either.

Just some random thoughts for the day.


Sunday, January 18, 2015

You Humans are so Sexy

Everything is about sex, these days, or so it seems.  Really it always has been, and why shouldn't it be.  Let us face it, sex is what we are here for.  All the virtuous and righteous morality stripped away, like any other animal on this rock, we are here to reproduce little carbon copies of our species.  This is how we survive, our immortality is our offspring.  Offspring created through the process of procreation, or sex.

No matter how we attempt to hide the basest of emotions, we humans are sexual creatures.  So it only makes sense that when advertising came along it would play to that emotion.  What is love, it can not be defined, but we all know what sex is, even as a child you have a vague idea, and as you grow older and are bombarded with sexual images and references, you start to get the purpose you were brought into this world for.  All the work we do, is so we can have sex.

It does not matter if you only have sex once, the drive to have it will be there until you do, and then for some it never ends.  For some the drive is insatiable, it can not be satisfied, and then there are others for whom the drive is like a clock, once you have punched the clock, it ceases, and you get on with your life.  However if you do not punch that clock, you will be driven to do so, and the world around us continues to hammer home that message.

Sure fear will work too, it has its place.  Much easier to keep people in line if they are afraid, they are like sheep, they will naturally flock, so you can cut out the weak or strange quickly that way.  The rest, well they will be too busy fearing they are running out of time to have enough sex, so they will do as they are told.  Even our food is presented to us to enhance our sexual desires.  It is not about what is really good for you, it is about what will bring about the best sexual experience.  Will this food make me sexy, will this toilet seat make my bath room sexy, seems odd, but that is the truth.  We buy sneakers, not because we need shoes, but because running makes us desirable to someone, and that makes us sexy.

So the next time you are thinking about that candy bar, or if the world will end next week, go have sex, and put your fears to rest, because if you are human you are sexy, to someone, this is assured.