Monday, October 12, 2015

Carbon Fibers

Years I have spent searching outside myself, for good or evil.  Who was driving this pen forward, what muse was manifesting the words inside my head?  Now I see the proximity of my death, I realize there is nothing, only living and not, and everything else is just memory imprinted upon the folds of our brains.  The rational mind is useless, it only does as it is told.  The creative mind is uncontrollable, it invents fantasies for we have not even words yet.  This interplay between mind, thought, reality matter, and energy, all lays out a pattern of behaviors for which we are unaware, for good reasons.  If we were fully aware, we would all be insane, by the definition that the people hold, for nothing would be beyond our grasp.  Your “grip” on reality is all that you have, lose that and the truth is nothing has form, it is all energy and the perception of matter.

The sheep do not care for this philosophical bullshit, all they want is food and water, and the chance to do as they please.

As time has gone on, I have trained myself to see everything as flat.  Singular items of form and formula.  The sheep are not creatures devoid of form, yet they are not.  They are frequency, energy that manifest as sheep for the memory is indelible, it takes that shape in our minds.  The sheep are energy, the form is the illusion we perceive,.  Every particle, every ion of light we see reflected from the collection of matter that gives shape to the sheep is part of that illusion.  If I can shift my focus, disconnect my functional brain, the illusion is broken, and the energy is as it is, the bond between molecules of matter, carbon held to shape by energy.

Let me show you something, it is simple, so I can form each letter of a word, they have no meaning but what we have learned they should mean.  We give them meaning, and so is the significance of everything.  Yes we gave the sheep form, by calling them sheep.  Sheep do not label themselves,as sheep, nor do they call the the wolf a wolf, the wolf has no such shape to a sheep.  We learned shape, form, matter and to fear energy, for it is endless, inescapable, fluid and formless.  We thrive on this chaos, this illusion, for it protects us from the truth.  Those that know this thrive on us as well.

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