Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I fell asleep last night thinking; what if we could reach a point that we create a black hole, or some other devastating creation, that in the blink of an eye did not only destroy our own existence, but that of the entire universe.  Wouldn't that be wonderful, the crowning achievement of the species of earthlings, that had the most potential for creation, destroyed all of the universe, including quite likely any other life that may in it be contained.  It would be the evidence of our self destructive nature, but it would also wipe away all evidence of our existence, and therefore we would never know.  Would that not be the funniest joke, that we would not know the punchline to the final joke, for we would cease to exist in the same instant as the creation of the new universe we so desperately wish to create, as it would be created out of the destruction of our current one.

I am reminded of that old sage advice, be content with your self as you are, for that is all there is, and that is the key to happiness, and all that.  Yet we are always trying to find that thing that created us, and when we find it, it will destroy us.  That is irony at its best.  I will most likely never live to even know that we are close, but it certainly does seem like we are getting closer.  If we tear a rift in time, if we bend space and travel to a distant galaxy that would be cool.  If we destroy all of the universe, that would be the ultimate achievement, for in that moment we would be the creators.  How awesome is that?

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