Saturday, July 18, 2015

Quote the Raven

Off the Cuff

Many things through these windows pass, from darkness into light, the struggle and the strife that is and always has been life.  The competition of things, the creations and destruction, duality of existence continues unabated, endless, like a steam, until no rain falls, and the spring dies.  There remains the desert, the barren nothing, inhabited only by the destitute, are we there yet, not quite, but the mind of man is soon too likely to be barren of any thought that is greater than this.

For all the years spent wondering, and then wandering, and finding no greater value than I found from the first, there is a lesson to be learned, if one is willing, and the mind is forgiving of the errors that it has transgressed in the past.  I mind not this passage of time, it is without issue, it crawls behind me, and I still continue from day to day, ever striving to obtain peace, that elusive peak from which gurus obviously can see the desire of their charges below.

Only this and nothing more.

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