Saturday, July 18, 2015

One Page of Wisdom: Entropy Always Wins

I often sit here wondering, in the infamous words from the Unicorn “what have you done, what have you done, no matter, what is done is done, and all things are as they will be”  Okay those are not the words exactly, that is  really some of the words from several passages, but like Alice in Wonderland, the Unicorn is a animated movie that carries with it far more weight than it is given.

This is a great quandary, is it not, what have you done, and what is the impact of that on your life?  Is there anything that outside the inside mind that could have influenced your life, made it different?  I do not know the answer, but I seem to continue to ask the question.

I think perhaps too much about God, and wonder is it a necessary evil to have such a thing, or even acknowledge such an intelligence outside the mind.  Is there an intelligence outside the mind, and does it have influence on this or any other world.  I know the God of which the religions speak of is not the God of the mind.  How many gods are there, and who, what, where, and why are they/it?

Again I have few answers, but I have studied the major religions, and I can say that what they report as god is not god or even intellect, but control of the ignorant masses through fear and loathing of anything good and plentiful, except for the chosen ones.  They are part of the problem, so they must be worshiping the wrong god.  In fact I know they are, they are involved in the affairs of man, and no god does that.

Does evolution work, sure but there are some breaks in the theory.  There is no explanation that works perfectly, so that works perfectly with the nature of things, and all things being related, that makes almost perfect sense, almost.

From the microscopic to macroscopic, repeating patterns of design, yet things do not always work out the way it should, even mathematics has odd numbers and equations that just do not add up.

I have read the works of the bible, the bhagavad gita, the books of man, the works of their gods, and many other subjects, either of demons or of men who were demonized, and throughout there is one thing that rings true, they are all works of man.  Not one of them is divine, though they all could be I suppose, as not everything I have written came from my mind as I know it, but from some place I have been, but do not remember how to get there again.

Sometimes I sit quietly thinking about my animals, not their needs, but their existence, and what they do without thought or contemplation, and wonder how it is that we need some external force to explain the same things in our actions.  As much as I can through the means of which I am afforded, I have studied the cultures of so many, and found one common thread, man has a need or desire to lord over his fellow man.  There is no need for a God, whatever need once existed, has long since been eradicated by our need to rule one another.  Our desire for this has led to the division of men, as perhaps a pecking order in chickens, of those that are at the top, and those that are at the bottom.  If you remove either, a new top and/or bottom will appear, until no chicken is left, and you have nothing, entropy.

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