Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Short About Blog Post

So yea I know this is not really not my normal post, but I am working to increase the subscription rate on my blogs, as well as decrease the bounce rate.  I have watched a couple of videos, but they really didn't have much information that was useful.

However this blog buffersocial really seems to have a good amount of useful information, as well as a unique product if you are interested in that as well.  Their post 7 Simple and Proven Tips to Increase Your Blog Subscribers, is well presented with lots of graphic elements and fairly good copy.  My only issue is that they include a slide in box, which I do not like, and the content seems more geared to being content for the purpose of getting you to their site, rather than because they are really creating original content.

As anyone that actually reads my blogs, I am not about getting people to read or subscribe to my blog, but that I am just creating content, and if you read it, thank you, but that is not why I published it.  Still, there is that I have enough vanity, or at least am trying to cultivate enough, that I would like to try to get subscribers to my blog post, and besides this would mean that they would know when I posted.

I am also looking at how I handle marketing space.  As most people know I have adsense ads on my blogs, but it is not really about making money, it is really because they offered it, and it seemed like a good idea.  One thing the adsense thing does is it gives me access to metrics, so I can see how well my blog is doing.  So far none of them have done all that well, but not that bad either.

Often I will also include various Amazon links, yes they are affiliate links, so yea if you were to purchase the products that were on my blog through those links, I would make a little money, but dam little, so it really doesn't matter that much.  I actually include them because I am referring to the product for some reason, and if you want to find out where to purchase them, well I have the link there for that reason.

I am soon going to try to host my blog on a server (shared server) so that it has its own domain, but that will have to wait until I can afford the domain and server cost, so do not hold your breath.

Well that about it for todays post, yea no graphics, no rants, no fancy shit, just a what is up kind of post, and my fingers hurt, so I am signing off, good night.


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