Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Observations While Screaming No

People I know are like "don't you want to get out, go to town, maybe see people or something, don't you get cabin fever staying home all the time, I would go stir crazy if I didn't get out at least once a day or so, and so on and so forth..."

And I'm like "no"

It is not that I dislike people, really, and everyone knows in today's world you have to go to the store to buy everything, but it does not make me want to, or like it.  I do not even like to take deliveries of things I have ordered, because I just do not want to be disturbed.  People disturb me, because they can not help themselves, and I have to be pleasant, because it is the fastest way to get them on their way without later repercussions.

I do not like interacting with people much, not exactly anti-social, just not really keen on trying to act pleasant to people all the time.  I like my place here, where I am secluded from all the drama and activity of ordinary people living ordinary lives.  Here I have everything I ever needed, well except for the stuff we need, but most of that can be obtained online.  Sure we have to buy food once in a while, but as the farm gets in better state, that will be less and less I am sure.  If I had a good oven I would need stores even less.  Still you have to take delivery of packages, or at least you should, unlike the mail, I can not really let it sit in the box for a week and get it when I feel like it.  The package is exposed to the elements, and the contents might be susceptible to exposure, so I have to receive packages, not so much with the mail.

Today I have to shovel the driveway, because I am expecting a package, and the driver usually wants to drive in the driveway, so I have that to do today as well.  Why do I not shovel the driveway, well I do not have a vehicle, and I do not really care if people can get in or out of my driveway, so yea, today I have to do that, because I ordered something.  Why do I do this to myself.

I mean if I really want such interactions I can go onto the interweb and see where Bobby Sue's cat just had kittens, and Billy Joe went to dinner with her family and it was a good dinner, but her aunt Lilly was a little too drunk and tipped over the water jug and she got her new dress wet or some such thing.  I don't need it, thank you, but if I do, I am sure there will never be a lack of supply of drama for me to entertain myself with, and I do not even have to leave the comfort of my own home.

Oh how I love the internet, and how it has allowed me to be the miserable wretch I truly am, and no one knows the wiser because I never have to do or say anything, just sit back and observe.


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