Saturday, January 24, 2015

Good Ideas and Time

I do not know if there is a more dangerous statement than "it seemed like a good idea at the time".  Not just pertaining to governments, though that is usually where it is most often used and most often the most devastating, but even in our own lives, it can be as damaging.  It is right up there with "I'm sorry", and other such statements.

While there are certainly some genuine people out there that have had many of those times, and they really are regretful for the consequences of their previous actions, it does not negate that in almost every case, it only demonstrates a lack of forethought.  You can can worry things, but worry is not the same thing as forethought.  It is not planning, or fear based, it is thinking, thinking, what will this do for my grandchildren.  That is simple to do, takes almost no time at all, and if it turns out that the risk is not worth the reward to your grandchildren, well it is not probably worth the effort or risk to you either.

Just some random thoughts for the day.


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