Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Work A Day

How in the hell in this material based work a day world do we find peace.

I have listened to the gurus and priest, the thinkers and philosophers, and they all say the same thing, let go of desire and you will find peace.  I believe them, I believe that we are all capable of such, but how, when so much is focused on just making ends meet.

I have bills to pay, so I have roof over my head, land to till, and food to eat.  Unless I can not pay for those things, I have nothing.  Never mind the bills I pay so I can write on this tablet, post it on the web, well those are luxuries that I prefer, but could do without if I had to.  No matter what that still leaves the house payment, the food, and health care, so how does one find peace when everyone requires such things to just survive.  It is not like I can just live on the land, I must own it first.  Even if I pay off the cost of the land, pay off the bank, I still owe taxes, so there is no such thing as free land, it is always property that you rent from the government.

Get a job, I have had several, but they do not cover the cost of living much anymore.  The cost of food, gas and other such things has become so prohibitive that one must earn more than one can earn from the land to make the work a day work.  It is no longer a situation where one can make their own way upon one's own back, it must come from other sources, related to the same masters that take their cut of what you do earn.

I can work the land and earn what it gives to me, but it has been paid out, and very little value remains.  I have to get more land, to make it work out, and that is just a process of diminishing returns.

In fact it has become a life of diminishing returns.  I continue to become worth less every day, as my value is diminished by the work I am no longer able to do without the payments paid out before to the people who do little for me.

I am done with this.