Thursday, November 06, 2014

Watchers Watching Me

I spend entirely too much time wondering what others do for their bread, when it really does not matter much at all to me.  I just drive through the rain, and get wet,

As long as I still do that which I do, and you all watch this self destructive soul dissolve into insanity, then the entertainment never ends does it.  Would you like to see that, bet you would pay the promoter if he told you I was performing at three.

And these fools here do not know the psychopath that lives next door, with his hats and slow words, sometimes big eyes, telling too much.  I look north, would you ride with me, no I won't use breaks, it takes the thrill out of everything.

I think maybe you all are well enough paid to understand that I have nothing to give you, because you deserve not my sympathy.  I could do the video thing, but words have always been my thing, but I have abandoned them, in stead of leaving me behind.  I was sore for quite some time after you stung me, but the pain does ease.  Sometimes even the thought of a little girl will bring a tear to my eye.

Bouncing around the subjects that interest me, I try to confuse the fans, but the ones that know will know how to find the truth amongst the lies.  Like so many codes, there is still too much in here for the mortal mind to wrap them selves around.  What does it matter anyway, I am not for you to figure out, but for anyone to know, it would slowly degrade their morals anyways.

I watch their videos, and learn that they are at least there, making content, and what am I doing, watching them, when they have no interest in anything but their own view counts.  I look at the hits to my account, and nothing really comes of this.  Read this as it is written, I really do not give a fuck.

Monday, November 03, 2014

Yak, Yak, Yak, Ewe Got to Bee Kidding Me

What the fuck are you all doing with your time, wasting it on worthless pursuits for the "All Mighty Dollar", be his holy honor.  Let your gods be what they will, let me alone.  I need none of your sympathy.  If it were not for the pursuit of happiness I would not give a dam, about anyone, but that is not how it turned out.  Now I have commitments and considerations that would not have even mattered before.

I am just fucking tired, worn to the bone, with worthless effort.  How much can one clan really expect, for the value of one's own hands.  The value of toast, versus cake, which has more, it makes me just want to brew up some swill beer and just lie down in the mist of I just do not give a shit anymore.  Did I ever?