Monday, December 15, 2014

On Religion, Gods, Nature, Man, and Such Things (awip) part 1

At what point does it just stop being.  I am certain I can feel it winding down, but I just don't know to what.  I think maybe that we are headed to a deeper meaning of oppression than ever has been known on this planet, at least in our recorded history.

The more I look around the more I realize that the tyranny that we have known in the past is but a taste of what is to come.  That the golden rule has yet to be applied in the manor that it will be applied in the future.  I just wonder when that will be applied, there is not enough information to determine this.  I do not think it will matter how much money you have, but that may help some, so the amassing of money may be important, it might not be.  I am thinking that gold might be important, but even that might not make much difference, unless you have a way to protect it.

The signs are aligning as such to show me that we have not seen the worst of it yet.  That we will at least see yet another age of suffering, more devastating than we have seen since the age of recorded history.

As I look around me I realize that the last glimmer of strength is waning, and that soon there will be no connection to our past.  I do not know if I will see this through, as I am also failing, my soul cage is rotting around me, at an accelerated rate.  As the family fails, so does the last barrier of strength that impedes the coming of the new dynasty.  The new god has already been put into place, and without realizing it, we have become worshipers of this new god, this golden idol.  We always have though, unknowingly, we have always worshiped this golden idol.  While the old gods continue to vie for our attention, this one has always been there, accepting our homage to its followers.

Since the very dawn of trade, since the very first time that we exchanged our god given lives for lives purchased, we have worshiped and corrupted all things within the context of the new god.  We are not aware of it, as it has never been the God that we knew.  It has always been there, with us to ensure its place in our lives, and act directly in our cultures.

Of all the years that have passed, only one of the sins indicated the presence of this corruption.  Charles Dickens wrote an entire book to demonstrate the indication, with a single line of prose he exposed the true spirit of our nature, without realizing what he had done, I believe.  Most people only obtain glimpses of truth.  We only see the work of the god in the results, rarely in the actions.

We have created many different deities to try to comprehend the world in which we live.  The desire in us to understand this world has driven our need for extrospective.  While in quiet passages, in silence and darkness, we must tremble to meet ourselves.  Even as I write this and know that the simple is far harder to grasp than the complex, it is the simple that eludes us.  This is holy grail, but those that seek the grail have not known this, for they seek for their own gain, they know only of the god to whom they have pledged their lives, and the generations of their kin to.  They are not aware of the cost for their avorance, they know not of their own waste.  However often at the moment of their death, at the very point where their frail corporal frame no longer can hold the truth from being exposed, they come to understand the truth, and often attempt to rectify with the old gods, in the hopes that it will save them.  The old gods have been corrupted, and they never were to begin with, they were constructs of our creation, while the true god was our own ignorance staring back at us through ages of indifference to what was our duty to our culture and society.

We understand very little of this season, and even with such lucid portraits as that which Charles Dickens did portray, we still have very little grasp upon which foundation those grand houses were built.  Let us take the case of Charles Dickens, all his writings, and understand through the lens of his society what light he attempted to create.  It is not easy for us to imagine the world of the Victorians, and much less so, it is through a lens of less than ideal clarity that we must examine this period.  I dare say that the vast majority of people today would not survive the Victorian age, nor would they have the sufficient understanding of rules that were artfully applied.

For a brief second an artist is able to glimpse the sublime and although perhaps they do not fully comprehend their understanding, they can provide a picture that if we are but willing to look inward without fear, will see that same truth.  I have given up attempting to find that spark of knowledge within the people, for it has extinguished and all that remains is pale comparison to what used to be inspiration.  Given this, I am fully aware that you, gentle reader will have no desire to look further into these words, to discover amongst them, truth, or even half truths.  These are but the ramblings of a mad man, a cantankerous old man with a grudge against a society that did not give him what he desired.  If that is your understanding, so be it, there is no amount of shadow that will illuminate the righteous and ignorant.

For the remaining few, these next few weeks and days, I will continue to explore this avenue of insanity and find its course, be it for ill, nil or even enlightenment.  Willing I am to look inside, and seek the truth, and if you are but willing to witness, perhaps you will find some reason within the play that before you performs.

This is the end of the introduction, such as it is, and I will continue to work on it, and the results will play out as they do, as this is but the rough draft, and if it comes through as worthwhile, perhaps then in some hope for the fools and the pleasure of the old ones, I will have provided a complete work, if only complete in its volume, while I would not be as folly to believe that anything could be complete, there is just too great a work in the simple beauty of existence.

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