Thursday, December 18, 2014

On Gods and Such (a slight look)

For some reason the whole God thing has come up a lot today, like it has to be dealt with.  While I am slowly churning through the information that is available to me through the various sources, the truth is I guess I have to at least address this from my own perspective for the moment.

I do not actually understand the God.  I can understand how it could be created, but I do not understand how it still has any value to people.  I do get that there is something that is significant about this world we live in, but that it is something more than just a unlikely coincidence is far too unlikely.  Think for a second how unlikely is your birth, with one egg and perhaps half a million sperm, the pairing that makes you happened.  If that is not enough evidence of random choice, I do not know what else can be said.

If it were not for the evidence to the contrary, I would not have such an opinion.  The God should reign in his minions as they are so far out there, that for the most part most of them do not even realize how ridiculous they appear to those of us who are actually trying to understand how things work around here.  Then when they start to use religion along with politics, it just becomes so ridiculous, it no longer even holds any value as a topical discussion.

Now I have spent a good portion of my time here in this time space continuum trying to discover who these gods are, and I have come to realize they are not what we have thought they were, or as they were reported to be.  That is not to say that the slavers that existed in some other time were not convinced that they were gods, or at least the sons of gods, but that they were not more than the mortal beings that they were, and could not outlive more than their own legends.  Granted with enough time, capital, and labor, they were often able to ensure their immortality at least as far as their existence is concerned.  We
know of the kings of Egypt because they purchased their immortality.
We also know of such artist as Leonardo da Vinci because he left us with work that was significant enough to transverse the ages that intervened.

While I do not understand how these people could buy into religion, I do not as yet completely believe there are no gods, I think there is more to learn about such beings, and we just haven't got there yet.  Science may not be able to see the gods as possible, but they are still in their infancy and have miles to go before they really begin to understand even the most rudimentary constructs such as the divine.
Math may be able to explain order and chaos, but it does not quite calculate the disorder or the completeness of beauty that exist.  I do not get the fanatics from any camp, but am willing to at least attempt to understand the myth, the mystery, and see it that leads to a better understanding of the missing data that even science can not wrap its little ivory finger around.

Unfortunately I am of the mind set that even science is a form of religion, and if it continues headlong into the directions that it is going, it will be as invalid as the religions it rallies against.

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