Friday, October 03, 2014

Philosophic Decadance

I spend too much time wondering what is working, when what I need to do is just keep on doing what I do, and let the numbers fall where they lay.  Throw on some real good Jam music, and the world full of things and numbers and money just falls away, and I can focus on what is really important.

The blind can see that there is no need for sight to feel.  Sometimes you just have to trust that what you are doing is the right thing.  I see so many people doing so much, most of it is not what it should be, but it is what it is, and that is what they can do.  The days of things being what they should be are gone, it is now a time of doing what one can to just get by.  I know that if I play all those social games, and run around and do those things, that I will earn the respect of a bunch of people I will never really know, and therefore will never really trust.  The issue of trust has come to mind lately, what happened to it.  If you extend trust to someone, it is usually for all the wrong reasons.  At the end of the day, you can not trust anyone anymore, not even your family.

I see it all over the place, brother turning on brother.  I wonder what of their Bibles and Kirans now, what do they say of the conflicts between brothers.  Children on the front line fighting for old men, nothing has changed.  It is still just a battle over toys, and no one will admit they have nothing.  The truth is that we come into this world naked and we leave the same way, alone and naked.  Just as we can not share our birth, we can not share our death.  But what if by the deaths of thousands we were able to prevent our death if but for a little while.  You might say that is selfish and vain, and you would be half right.

I would venture to guess that since most of us, the vast majority at least have not ever been where those that make the rules are or have been, that we could not without the aid of enhancement ever understand the reasoning they use to justify the depravity they exhibit, to our trained eyes.  The other problem is that our morality is tuned from the very beginning to believe that the depravity of the depraved is immoral.  While it is this very morality that makes their lives what they are, and ours what they are.  I have come here to learn of my own mortality, and it is closer than I might have imagined.  As I look at the signs that before lie, I realize that I am not long for this world, when I understand that one can not consume the calories I do and still waste away, there is nothing that I can do about it.  In the end I am striving to get to the point where I can at least get the few things done that I came here to do, and hope that at least that will have some lasting impact.  There is no use in crying for me, it is as it is, and though I am not now long for this world, I am at least going to try to do what I can to illuminate those that are curious enough to wonder about what might be, even if they are not truly able to see.  It is always darkest before the light.

What more can I say, oh too much I am sure you all know that by now, but I will move on now, to other things, and we can once again talk of the weather, and weather pigs should have wings.

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